10 Highlights of 20th ChinaJoy 2023

On May 29, 2023, the 20th China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy) press conference was held at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai and announced that ChinaJoy 2023 would be held from July 28 to July 31 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.


Highlight 1: Technological innovation - actively embracing the new era of the game industry driven by AI

ChinaJoy has always been keeping up with the development of industry and technology to promote technological innovation. The continuous evolution of AI technology will bring more opportunities for the game industry as it will definitely play a more important role in the game industry. This year, ChinaJoy is making great efforts in the field of AI in terms of both conference and exhibition, and embracing the new era of AI in the game industry.

In terms of conference, ChinaJoy makes layout actively and gives highlight to AI. In 2023, China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) set the ChinaJoy AIGC Conference for the first time. The conference focuses on the current hot topics of AIGC, and is inviting industry experts, scholars and business leaders in the field of AIGC at home and abroad to participate in the conference to share the evolution of key technologies of AIGC, think about the radical changes in content creation triggered by technological upgrades, and further discover the opportunities and challenges of AIGC brings to the industry chain. The conference aims to build an exchange and cooperation platform for the academic, industrial and investment communities. In addition, the China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) newly adds an AI session this year, which will invite technical experts in this field to discuss from multiple perspectives: the role of AI technology in improving game development efficiency, innovation ability and optimizing gamer experience.

In terms of exhibition, ChinaJoy 2023 adds an area of digital technology innovation theme in the BTOB showcase. Apart from business communication, the new area will also be used for displaying the technology and application products covering artificial intelligence, 5G, Web3.0, meta-universe, digital human, and blockchain in the current global digital entertainment field. In terms of exhibitors, Shengqu Games will unveil AI Galaxy - a "digital therapy" product which is designed for the rehabilitation training of autistic children. Born from " GAME + laboratory", AI Galaxy aims to explore and practice "game + medical" and "game + cutting-edge technology". Perfect World Games has set up an AI center to explore the future application of AI in intelligent NPC, scene modeling, program, plot, voice acting and even customer service. Gamers onsite will have the opportunity to experience the wonderful feeling brought by the AI - enabled game products. In addition, CMGE further diversifies the gamers’ experience after introducing AI in Sword and Fairy World; onsite audience will have the opportunity to experience the games supported by AI technology.  Moreover, exhibitors such as Xingzhe.AI, ShiyouTech, Chaowei, NXCloud, VIRDYN, Mulworld and Yuanke Vision will showcase their latest products and technical applications in AI field, demonstrating the infinite possibilities brought by the combination of artificial intelligence and game industry. 

Highlight 2: More internationalized expo attracts more companies from around the world

Many famous overseas enterprises actively registered to participate ChinaJoy 2023. More than 100 international companies have confirmed to participate the expo, including Qualcomm, Sony, Bandai Namco, DeNA, AMD, Samsung, Tianwen Kadokawa, RazorGold, My Card, Snap, Xsolla, VTC Mobile, AppsFlyer, etc. Through showcasing technologies and products, they expect to let the audience know the latest digital entertainment products, technologies and applications in overseas markets and experience the latest globalized digital entertainment products. In terms of conferences, the number of overseas speakers in various concurrent conferences during ChinaJoy 2023 will account for 25% of the total, with many famous overseas speakers racing to deliver keynote speeches.

At the same time, the organizer initiates in-depth cooperation with international industrial associations, invites international exhibitors, in particular the MNCs with business demand for BTOB exhibition area, gives support to invite overseas trade audience to attend the expo, negotiate cooperation, and promote international industrial exchanges and cooperation. In terms of overseas promotion and audience organization, the organizer initiates campaigns through advertising on ChinaJoy's official overseas social media platforms and joining hands with overseas cooperative media for joint publicity. As a result, the international influence of ChinaJoy 2023 has been raised again, and become an important platform for promoting international industrial exchanges and cooperation in the field of global digital entertainment.

Highlight 3: Novel products brilliantly unveiled to create a "one-stop digital entertainment carnival"

Hundreds of exhibitors from home and abroad will participate ChinaJoy 2023 with their new products and masterpieces to create a grand "one-stop digital entertainment carnival" for hundreds of thousands of onsite audience.

  • So far, the organizing committee has learned that famous game enterprises will showcase their classic masterpieces as listed below: 

One of the biggest highlights of NetEase Games is the "Single Game Theme Zone", which brings together Eggy Party, Identity V, Sky: Children of Light, A Dream of the Ganghood and other hit products. In the "Big IP Social Value Zone" where classic game IPs are gathered, classic games such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Journey to the West, The Enchanting Ghost, Onmyoji and Diablo: Immortal will be shown. The classic products to be showcased by Shengqu Games include 8 client games: Legendary World, Adventure Island, Rainbow Island, Dragon Nest, BNB, Aion: The Tower of Eternity, A Legend Eternity, New GetAmped and 2 mobile games: Joy of Life and Bloodline. Perfect World Games will bring masterpieces such as Tower of Fantasy, Jade Dynasty New Fantasy, Dragon Oath 2: Flying Dragon Battle, DOTA2, CSGO, World of Jade Dynasty, Perfect New World, Magic, One Punch Man: World, Code MA, Persona 5: The Phantom X. In addition, the onsite audience will find Seasun’s JX 3 and Sword Art World 3; Giant Network's ZT Online Series, Battle of Balls, Night of the Full Moon, Freestyle 2nd Street, Pascal's Wager, and ELSWORD; CMGE's Sword and Fairy World and Free Style and many other famous game masterpieces will be presented onsite. More exhibit information of the exhibitors are still being submitted.

  • Debuts of new games:

Hundreds of new games will be intensively released onsite, and many of which chose ChinaJoy for debut. According to the organizing committee, Netease Games will unveil a number of new games during the Expo. In addition, Migu's WENT: Refactor, UP Interactive Interpretation and Panda Café; Giant Network's ZT Original, Super Sus and Dragon and the End of the World; Shiyue.com's new version of Chang'an Fantasy and Eternal Night: Recovery; 4399's Star Patrol Guard and Unparalleled FRUITY ROBO; Tiancity.com's MapleStory M and many other new games are planning to make their debut at ChinaJoy 2023. 

  • Hard and core technologies:

According to the organizing committee, the latest Virtual Reality PICO 4 and PICO 4 Pro from PICO, hit products from Lenovo, including two debut products R9000X and Y700, the newly launched 990PRO series SSD Samsung designed for the e-sports crowd, digital enthusiasts and IT users, etc. will be showcased at the Expo. 

  • Metaverse products:

According to the organizing committee, Migu will offer the audience a series of metaverse special experiences with Interstellar Square, Bit Digital Intellegent Self and Bit Broadcasting. Century Huatong's digital collection platform “Shuhe” will also be exhibited.

The above is only the exhibit introduction of a small part of the exhibitors. We’ll introduce more new products and works to be exhibited by domestic and overseas exhibitors at ChinaJoy 2023. Stay tuned!

Highlight 4: Nearly 300 business leaders converge to discuss the new trends in the development of digital entertainment industry

Apart from the two major conference brands, namely the industry - oriented China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) and the technology - oriented China Game Developers Conference (CGDC), ChinaJoy 2023 is planning to convene dozens of concurrent conferences during four days, which will fully meet the demands for current industry hotspots and different dimensions of the majority of industry players.

CDEC 2023 is upgraded and consisted of 1 main forum, 4 thematic summits and N cooperative activities. The conference continues to focus on the frontier of industry development, and is planning to roll out some new conferences, such as ChinaJoy AIGC Conference, Overseas Growth Summit, and ChinaJoy Web3 Conference, which will enable the players of the digital entertainment industry discuss the new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities in the new era, highlight the unique charm of cross-border integration of digital entertainment, and share the early opportunities of the total ecosystem  development of the industry. 

The content setting of CGDC 2023 focuses on the current industry hotspots and sets up 7 thematic sessions from the dimensions of game genres and technical links, including: Action Adventure Game Session, Role-Playing Game Session, Strategy Game Session, Technique Session, AI Session, Globalization Session, and Indie Game Session.

As for the speakers, nearly 300 well-known leaders and industry experts in the field of digital entertainment will gather here to deliver keynote speeches or conduct seminars and exchanges. The guest speakers include Tao Ran, GM of Microsoft Greater China Azure Division; Kenji Matsubara, CEO of SNK; Xiao Xinyan, Chief Architect of Baidu Wonder; He Zhan, Head of Ominiverse, Nvidia China; John Yin, Senior Vice President of Scopely; Mikołaj Szwed, Director of Localization, CD PROJEKT RED; Robert Bagratuni, CEO of Mundfish; Xiao Jian, Executive Director, Chairman and CEO of CMGE; and Sakurada Hiroyuki, CEO of KLab China. ChinaJoy 2023 is a national and even an international "gathering of digital entertainment leaders". We believe that all the attendees are sure to enjoy the trip! 

Highlight 5: To create the ChinaJoy 2023 "Qualcomm Snapdragon Hall " with global leading innovative technologies 

This year, Qualcomm, the top runner in global wireless technology innovation field, will once again join hands with industry chain partners to create the ChinaJoy 2023 "Qualcomm Snapdragon Hall", and present gamers and e-sports enthusiasts with a digital entertainment experience enabled by leading mobile technologies.

The Snapdragon booth will display a series of new products, including mobile terminals, automobiles, smart wears, and other products released this year, which offer the digital entertainment experience enabled by cutting-edge mobile technologies and many smart terminals. At the same time, the 2023 Grand Final of Snapdragon Pro Series (SPS) Elite Invitational Tournament will be held onsite, where top professional teams and major gaming anchors will be present to enkindle the enthusiasm of gamers. In addition, the leading cell phone manufacturers will also gather on the show floor to show their latest terminal products. As the only brand theme exhibition hall at ChinaJoy 2023, the Qualcomm Snapdragon Hall will bring together the most cutting-edge innovative technologies in the field of mobile gaming and ultimate gaming experience, and offer an absolutely unmissable and exciting feast for all gamers!

Highlight 6: Thematic exhibition areas added for keeping up with the hot spots

To keep in line with the trend and the times, ChinaJoy 2023 is planning to set up a number of thematic exhibition areas. In the BTOC area: e-sports theme area, VR/AR area, science fiction area, trendy lifestyle area, intelligent mobility area, Designer toys, GK & Figure Mode (CJFM) area. In the BTOB showcase: digital technology innovation area, IP licensing area, and creative games area. These thematic areas will optimize the display for exhibitors by classification, and provide more targeted visit experience for vertical users. At the same time, the diversified display modes will attract more young people who will further widen the audience of the exhibitors.

Highlight 7: Concurrent B-end events to showcase professionalism and foresight

During the exhibition, domestic and overseas exhibitors will hold hundreds of activities for professional audience, including important product launches, signing ceremonies, press conferences, media meetings, business exchanges, technology sharing and so on. At present, many domestic and overseas exhibitors, such as MIGU, Lenovo, Samsung, Snap, Boke, TAPTAP and ThinkingData, will hold new product launches, including MIGU Cloud Native Games, Lenovo R9000X; Samsung Technology Sharing Sessions (from headquarters in South Korea) and experience activities for Snap AR and other innovative technologies. Moreover, Boke will join hands with “Game for Good” platform and roll out a series of activities including the launch of Social Positive Value Indie Game Platform Support Program for the first time. These B-end activities comprehensively highlight the professionalism, foresight and industry influence of this expo.

Highlight 8: Diverse exciting concurrent C-end activities are rich in content 

During the exhibition, ChinaJoy Cosplay Super League, ChinaJoy Awesome Dancer Contest, and Huafu Model Contest and other official concurrent activities will be held. In addition, ChinaJoy and Wanda Plaza have entered a strategic cooperation to jointly create a national wide immersive experience that is "touchable and interactive" throughout the year.

During the exhibition, Tencent Games, Netease Games, Shengqu Games, Perfect World Games, MIGU Entertainment, Giant Network, Sony Entertainment, Bandai Namco, DeNA, PICO and other exhibitors at home and abroad will hold a series of exciting concurrent activities for the players. Shengqu Games will celebrate the 20th anniversary for 3 games, namely Legendary World, BNB and New GetAmped; Perfect World Games will hold special theme day activities every day during the exhibition; MIGU Digital Intelligence Competition will carry out unique experience activities; PICO will release some VR games for the first time. Later, the organizing committee will release more onsite activities exhibitors will hold at ChinaJoy 2023.

Highlight 9: Online and offline linkage innovation- CJ ARena, a newly launched WeChat applet 

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ChinaJoy, the organizer is committed to making ChinaJoy the world's first exhibition brand with "online and offline linkage" through pioneering innovations. In 2023, ChinaJoy will further support exhibitors by offering a richer, more diversified and three-dimensional form of brand promotion through the combination of online and offline linkage with the help of CJ ARena, a newly launched WeChat applet. The measure will enhance the exhibition effect and marketing value of exhibitors, maximize brand exposure, product promotion and the effect of interactive marketing, and reach hundreds of millions of Gen Z users. 

To achieve the strategic layout of linkage development, ChinaJoy launches the innovative on-site linkage WeChat applet CJ ARena, which will offer a new interactive experience for gamers to participate in the exhibition. Taking "ChinaJoy Sci-Fi Plot" as the main theme, CJ ARena incorporates various ways of gameplay, including PVP, treasure hunting in the AR hall, resource collection, player PK battles, and booth battles. Both on-site gamers and off-site gamers can participate in the whole interactive process of ChinaJoy with the help of CJ ARena, which breaks the geographic boundaries of ChinaJoy, achieves full online and offline linking between the exhibitors and visitors, brings a new and rich experience for gamers and make the connection between exhibitors and visitors closer. It also injects more creativity and vitality into ChinaJoy.

Highlight 10: Creative Game Area / "INDIE GAME Festival" supporting the growth of medium-, small-sized and micro game teams

To fully support the sound development of medium-, small-sized and micro game creation teams or individuals, ChinaJoy 2023 builds the Creative Game Area to provide a stage for overseas and local outstanding creative game projects. The teams or individuals participating the exhibition will obtain various resources such as capital injection, distribution support, technical support, and other services, which will give powerful support to game production and help them enter the market. Apart from offline exhibition and product launch, the online event “ChinaJoy x Game Connection INDIE GAME Festival” will also be held. ChinaJoy combines online and offline resources and tries great efforts to promote the INDIE GAME products.

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