2023 China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC)



China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) is a high-end conference brand covering the pan-entertainment fields with a number of thematic summits and held concurrently with China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy). With 20-year brilliant history since its inception in 2003, CDEC has grown up into one of the most professional and authoritative top international events of digital entertainment industry in the world. It has been highly valued and deeply participated by the government authorities supervising China's digital publishing industry. Every year, CEDC invites senior executives from domestic and overseas famous digital entertainment companies to the conference to discuss future layout strategies and share cutting-edge ideas.


2023 China Digital Entertainment Congress

With a perspective of the pan-entertainment industry, the forum, as the main forum of CDEC under the ChinaJoy brand, invites high-level guests and industry elites from around the world to boost the innovation and integration of China's interactive entertainment and the global spread of excellent culture, highlight the unique charm of cross-border integration of digital entertainment, get insight into the latest trends in interactive entertainment, games, film and television, online literature, music and animation, etc., present the new technology trends and transformation of entertainment digitization, interpret the released digital entertainment industry policies of China, deeply exchange the way of development of upstream and downstream collaborative of the industry chain, and build a high-level resource platform for global cooperation of the interactive entertainment industry.


2023 Global Game Industry Summit

As an important summit of CDEC, 2023 Global Game Industry Summit, taking the advantage of industry resources linkage of ChinaJoy accumulated in the past 20 years, gets insight into the new development trend of global game industry, bring together the elites of global game industry to deeply interpret the globalization and quality improvement trend of game products, and deeply explores the extensive influence of AIGC and WEB3 on the evolution of game industry, and discovers how to distribute in the era of globalization strategy to explore more value in the future.


AIGC Global Innovators Summit

Recently, AIGC (AI Generated Content) becomes a hot topic in the field of intelligent technology and a key technological breakthrough with disruptive effects on the industry. Focusing on the current hot topic of AIGC, the summit invites industrial representatives, experts and scholars in the field of AIGC from home and abroad to share the evolution and iteration of AIGC and OpenAI related technologies, the impact on various aspects of the content industry, discuss the changes, opportunities and challenges that AIGC brings to the industry chain, as well as relevant value creation. The guests will give insight into the future development trend and value capture from the perspectives of technology R&D, investment, segmentation and distribution, etc.


WEB3 Interactive Entertainment Industry Summit

WEB3 Interactive Entertainment Industry Summit is a high-end summit jointly organized by Howell International Trade Fair Ltd. and well-known organizations in the field of metaverse to discuss the synergistic development trend of WEB3 and game entertainment, the first application scenario of digital culture technology. The summit will bring together executives and related elites from leading companies in digital culture technology, metaverse and WEB3, to talk about hot topics such as block chain technology upgrade, WEB3 and cross-field application of game scenes with focus on WEB3 technology R&D, application transformation and other aspects. The guests will also discuss WEB3 industry distribution, development trends and challenges from the perspectives of international trends, national policies, industry standards, capital market and model innovation, etc. and promote to build a healthy WEB3 ecology and boost technology evolution in the new digital era.

ChinaJoy 2021 Data Overview

3 days, 6 thematic summits

Nearly 200 guests attended

42 overseas guests, accounting for more than 20%

4,120 on-site attendees

12 companies became conference sponsors