【Discount】 Early Bird Discount for ChinaJoy BTOB is Ending and Retaliatory Rebound Seen in Booth Booking!

The 20th China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from July 28 to July 31, 2023. Hundreds of exhibitors from home and abroad will occupy a dozen of exhibition halls of more than 100,000 square meters to share their products and services with a large number of on-site visitors. At present, the business invitation work of ChinaJoy 2023 is in full swing!

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ChinaJoy, BTOB booth booking sees retaliatory rebound! The demand for BTOB booths is overwhelming as both domestic and overseas companies are actively registering to compete for the best booths! Only three months after the business invitation was initiated, more than 200 exhibitors, 40% of them are overseas and foreign-funded companies, have booked for the BTOB booths of ChinaJoy. So far, 12,000 square meters of the BTOB area have been booked, representing 85% of the total booths. The organizer of the exhibition is very optimistic about the expanding of ChinaJoy BTOB exhibition area this year, and believes that more domestic and foreign companies will book the booths in the next five months of business invitation period. The above data are expected to be kept updating as time goes by. The early bird discount for ChinaJoy BTOB will end on March 15. Please seize the opportunity and register as early as possible to lock your booths with a super discount!


China Game Industry Annual Conference 2022 was held successfully in Guangzhou just a short while ago and witnessed an unprecedented number of visitors. At the same time,  strong demand was also seen in numerous business development activities held in various places featuring overwhelming number of participants. ChinaJoy 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the Expo. The ChinaJoy BTOB area is comprehensively upgraded with innovative ideas, and will set up some thematic exhibition areas underlining the current hot spots, including: Digital Technology Innovation Exhibition Area, ChinaJoy-Game Connection INDIE GAME Area and ChinaJoy Licensing Expo. ChinaJoy therefore is regarded more international, professional, authoritative, directive and forward-looking.

Digital Technology Innovation Exhibition Area:

In line with the current trend and advancing with the times, this area will show the latest technology and application products in global digital entertainment field, involving 5G, Web3.0, artificial intelligence, meta-universe, digital avatar, ChatGPT, AIGC, block chain and provide a platform for business exchange. It represents the development trend of future digital entertainment technology. Totally 1,500 square meters of area for this theme is scheduled to accommodate innovative exhibitors and visitors from home and abroad in the field of cutting-edge technology.

ChinaJoy-Game Connection INDIE GAME Area:

ChinaJoy and Game Connection further improve the exhibition area by expanding the area to 700 square meters and offering 150 booths. It’s estimated that about 20,000 professional audience will visit the area in person, and most of whom are publishers, investors, media and service contractors, in addition to INDIE developers, development teams and studios. These professional visitors represent a full range of game business resources. At the same time, several activities of various themes will be held on site, including sponsor information sessions, brand launches, developer seminars and game development awards information sessions.

ChinaJoy Licensing Expo (shortened as “CJLE”)

This area aims to build a premium platform for intellectual property rights licensing trade with the advantages of ChinaJoy, help intellectual property rights realize their value, facilitate intellectual property licensees to connect with software games, electronic and digital products and services, music and audio, cartoon and animation, film and television entertainment, peripheral gifts, designer toys and other sectors. ChinaJoy hopes to help IP, licensees explore the potential business opportunities through multi-dimensional efforts, and then promote the integration of cross-border resources and boost the industrial integration.

ChinaJoy 2023 makes great efforts in terms of exhibition organization. The organizer joins hands with international associations (France GC) to initiate in-depth cooperation, invites international exhibitors, in particular the MNCs with business demand for BTOB exhibition area; at the same time, actively organize to invite overseas trade visitors to view the exhibition, negotiate cooperation, and promote international industrial exchanges and cooperation. In terms of overseas promotion, the organizer has been releasing the latest exhibition promotion information and industry data through ChinaJoy’s overseas We Media accounts (Facebook and Twitter), and interact with the overseas exhibitors on Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, ChinaJoy carries out joint promotion with many overseas cooperative media, and make use of the overseas resources to continuously promote the show. All the above initiatives will further enhance the international influence of ChinaJoy 2023.


Let’s look back at the 19th ChinaJoy held in 2021. It employed 12.5 exhibition halls with a total exhibition area of 156,000 square meters and nearly 500 exhibitors. The BTOB exhibition area occupied 1.5 halls with an exhibition area totaled 16,000 square meters, and attracted more than 200 companies from all over the world to participate. More than 2,300 business negotiations were conducted during the exhibition and over 500 intended cooperation were reached. The on-site atmosphere was so hot that companies and business partners from around the world were seen negotiating everywhere!

ChinaJoy BTOB comprehensive business negotiation showcase integrates multiple functions including brand building, product display, technology promotion and capital cooperation. It is exclusively accessible for practitioners or professionals in game industry. The organizer aims to cast it into a comprehensive business service platform and continuously promote extensive business communication and cooperation among global industry enterprises through a series of business approaches such as product display, online matching, business negotiation and investment and financing promotion. The function and role of ChinaJoy in leading and driving the development of the industry is highlighted and the scale, R&D, rapid growth and other latest trend of China's digital entertainment industry is fully reflected. As an important platform for the export, import, cross-sector (variety shows, movies, literature, etc.) IP and copyright trading of digital entertainment products, and the best stage for digital entertainment companies at home and abroad to showcase their image and strength, ChinaJoy is the focus of near 1,000 exhibitors and numerous game players around the world. 







At present, the business invitation of the 20th ChinaJoy 2023 is in full swing! Since the end of 2022 when the business invitation was official initiated, domestic and overseas companies in the industry have been actively registering for the event, which has become the best stage for the digital entertainment companies to showcase their strength and conduct business negotiations. We believe that the ChinaJoy 2023 BTOB exhibition will shine brightly!

Reminder: Exhibitors will enjoy an early bird discount by March 15 as a preference of the 20th anniversary of ChinaJoy! There are still a few booths available, and the organizer of ChinaJoy invites all interested but unregistered domestic and overseas companies to register, now!

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