2023 Business Invitation Launched to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ChinaJoy

As one of the most well-known and influential annual events of the digital entertainment sector around the world, China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy) has grown up into a household industrial event which is quite popular among millions of Chinese players after 20 years of continuous development. With IP as the core, covering a comprehensive range of digital entertainment fields such as games, comic & animation, e-sports, designer toys and products, Internet video & music, e-literature, intelligent entertainment software and hardware, ChinaJoy has been presenting the evolution of digital entertainment industry driven by new technology in a panoramic perspective. In 2022, the organizers launched the innovative CJPlus (ChinaJoy Online Exhibition), which provided players with a new form of participation by combining the digital scenes of the metaverse and achieved great success. In 2023, the organizers will continue the successful story of 2022 CJPlus by fully combining the live and online scenes of ChinaJoy expo to provide a more complete and comprehensive marketing and experience model for exhibitors and players. With the theme of "20 years of companionship, more joy more wonder", the 20th ChinaJoy is going to express its thanks to all the industry partners and gamers at home and abroad for the 20-year-long accompanying. We look forward to meeting in 2023 to witness the glorious 20th anniversary of ChinaJoy. The exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from July 28 to July 31, 2023, and CJPlus will also be held in a new form, namely a “online and offline” hybrid carnival.


2023 ChinaJoy 20th Anniversary Ceremony: a summer carnival for Gen-Z!

In recent years, digital technology has kept iterating, and digital economy has kept catalyzing the development of digital entertainment sector, especially during the epidemic. "Generation Z and ACGN culture", which used to be discussed in a small scale, has increasingly become the focus of public attention and hot spots. How to get the attention and love of young people of Gen-Z has also become the focus and core proposition of domestic and overseas leading brands. With the change of the market environment and the main body of consumption, the spending power of Gen-Z is setting to rise. ACGN culture and pop culture have gradually come to the forefront and become the cultural trend that young people are chasing. Focusing on the preferences of Gen-Z, ACGN culture and pop culture, more brands keep innovating to find the key to open the niche market. Under such a background, the ACGN culture marketing is up-and-coming, and the ACGN segment has become the main battlefield for global brands to compete for Gen-Z consumers.


ChinaJoy Audience - Comprehensive Coverage of Gen-Z

In this context, "Co-branding" has become a necessary skill for major brands to expand their boundaries and influence. ChinaJoy, about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, is the masterpiece of "Co-branding", which has always been popular among not only the manufacturers in game, technology and Internet sectors, but also a large number of enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the digital entertainment industry, as well as numerous fashionable and trendy cross-border brands that want to attract the attention and favor of the Gen-Z. These brands hope to "make friends" with the Gen-Z in the most innovative and coolest way provided by ChinaJoy, which acts as an important carrier and platform, and makes everyone feel that he/she is following the trend of the times through a youthful communication method.

At present, to align with the demands of the increasingly young target audience, many Chinese and foreign digital entertainment brands have chosen to attend ChinaJoy, one of the world's most prestigious and influential annual events, to go to the appointment with the Gen-Z! At present, enterprises throughout the world are actively seeking breakthroughs to rejuvenate their brands, and with 19 years of continuous efforts, ChinaJoy has attracted the core audience of Gen-Z, which is the most representative young and diversified sphere. In the past 19 years, ChinaJoy kept carrying the important task of cross-border industry integration, and gathering the most cutting-edge technology and high-quality content in the digital entertainment industry. It has long been recognized as a representative of youthfulness, trendy and high and frontier technology. The 2023 ChinaJoy will undoubtedly provide a rare opportunity for global brands to embrace the Gen-Z consumers, as they have been longing for!


2023 ChinaJoy 20th anniversary ceremony: New highlights to be unveiled!

· Online and offline hybrid activities to enhance exhibiting effectiveness

ChinaJoy will celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2023. On this occasion, the organizers of ChinaJoy are committed to innovation and making ChinaJoy the world's No. 1 exhibition brand with online and offline hybrid mode! 2023 ChinaJoy will offer more diversified and multi-dimensional brand promotion solutions to domestic and overseas exhibitors to help exhibitors achieve better exhibiting effect and marketing value through the virtual-real world hybrid mode. With the onsite ChinaJoy exhibition and CJPlus (ChinaJoy online exhibition), ChinaJoy tries to reach hundreds of millions of Gen-Z users, so that to maximize the effect of product promotion, brand exposure, online sales and interactive marketing. At present, the ChinaJoy has been developing in an online/offline hybrid ecology, providing players with an immersive scene experience through onsite exhibiting content, while presenting the more Internet-specific CJPlus to meet the virtual interaction demand of a larger online players by aggregating ChinaJoy's own live exhibition activities and the massive well-developed content of exhibitors. Thus ChinaJoy created an all-territory, 24/7 and all-platform panoramic ecology, which further improves the influence and reach efficiency of ChinaJoy brand.

The 2022 CJPlus (ChinaJoy Online Exhibition) was successfully held in MetaCJ Digital World from August 27 to September 2, more than 100 famous enterprises in the fields of games, comic & animation, designer toys, intelligent hardware and automobiles gathered in MetaCJ Digital World and jointly presented a wonderful digital feast to the domestic and foreign audiences! Tencent Games, Netease Games, Shunwang Technology, Perfect World Games, Shengqu Games, Giant Network, Lenovo, 37 Interactive Entertainment, Kingnet, Qualcomm, TikTok E-Commerce, 360kuai.com, Sina Weibo, GAC, AMD, China Athletics, Hasbro Transformers, IMAX, Dolby Laboratories, Hengyuanxiang, Damai.cn, Lingjing Culture, Alibaba Yuanjing, Magic Leaders, CenMetaHome, MEGAHOUSE, Unity, AppsFlyer, Netease Fever, MightyJaxx, LAMTOYS, VFLY, Beyerdynamic, Qujia Entertainment, Zebra Labs and many other industry leading brands presented diversified wonderful exhibits with respective highlights and characteristics, covering digital entertainment, designer toys and garage kits, green energy vehicles and intelligent entertainment software and hardware, etc.





· Some new thematic areas to debut 

The 2023 ChinaJoy will feature a variety of concurrent exhibitions and activities. For the exhibitions, the 7th Global Smart Entertainment Hardware Expo (eSmart), the 9th Comic & Animation World Amazing Expo (CAWAE), and the 3rd ChinaJoy Toy Show (CJTS) will be held concurrently; for the activities, the ChinaJoy Cosplay Cover Contest, ChinaJoy Cosplay Super League, ChinaJoy Awesome Dancer Contest - National Dance Group Festival, and –Lolita & Han Show Contest and other official events organized by the organizers, as well as a variety of exhibitors’ activities will be held at the same time. 

At meanwhile, to boost the potential industrial growth points, the offline exhibition of 2023 ChinaJoy will set up a number of exciting thematic areas around niche markets, including creative game area, digital human area, IP licensing area, e-sports theme hall, science fiction area, trendy lifestyle area, intelligent mobility area, smart home area, VR/AR area, Designer toys, GK & Figure Mode (CJFM) area and so on, bringing a more comprehensive, diversified and exciting digital entertainment experience to the audience!








While celebrating its 20th anniversary, ChinaJoy will work together with global exhibitors in 2023 to bring forth new ideas in exhibition site, exhibition hall layout, exhibition publicity and other aspects. ChinaJoy will provide even better services to fully demonstrate the prosperity and development of the digital entertainment industry, and will join hands with enterprises and players around the world to compose a more brilliant chapter.

At present, the 2023 ChinaJoy business invitation has been fully initiated. We sincerely invite the domestic and overseas partners of the industry chain to attend the events, share the grand market pie! The organizers are always within reach for inquiring exhibition related matters.



The 2023 ChinaJoy Expo business invitation items include:

· ChinaJoy BTOC interactive entertainment area booking

· ChinaJoy BTOB comprehensive business negotiation showcase booking

· ChinaJoy onsite advertising 

· China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) sponsorship

· China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) sponsorship

· ChinaJoy Cover Coser Competition sponsorship

· ChinaJoy Cosplay Super League sponsorship

· ChinaJoy Awesome Dancer Contest sponsorship

· Lolita & Han Show exhibition area and Lolita & Han Show  Contest sponsorship 

For more detailed information about 2023 ChinaJoy participation and sponsorship, or for other cooperation, please consult the contacts from the organizer:

Sponsorship and cooperation for games, smart hardware, e-sports, comic & animation and derivatives, science fiction, VR/AR, BTOB and Digital Human thematic areas:

Mr. Li: Mike_li@howellexpo.net

Ms Liu: Emily_liu@howellexpo.net

Exhibition, sponsorship and cooperation for Intelligent Mobility area:

Mr. Liu: rocky_liu@howellexpo.net

Exhibition, sponsorship and cooperation for Designer toys, GK & Figure Mode (CJFM) area:

Mr. Sun: tom_sun@howellexpo.net

Exhibition, sponsorship and cooperation for IP licensing area:

Mr. Guo: bin.guo@howellexpo.net

Exhibition, sponsorship and cooperation for the INDIE GAME area:

Ms. Yang: clara_yang@howellexpo.net

Exhibition, sponsorship and cooperation for the trendy lifestyle areas (Trendy Home, Beauty Makeup, Trendy Apparel and Hot Culture & Travel thematic area):

Ms. Wang: yvonne_wang@howellexpo.net

Exhibition, sponsorship and cooperation for Lolita & Han Show exhibition and Lolita & Han Show Contest:

Ms. Du: duxuan@howellexpo.net

Sponsorship and cooperation for ChinaJoy Cosplay Super League:

Mr. Zhang: zhangyi@howellexpo.net

Sponsorship and cooperation for ChinaJoy Awesome Dancer Contest:

Ms. Shi: ran@howellexpo.net

Sponsorship and cooperation for official conferences and forums:

Ms. Zhao: zhaoqing@howellexpo.net

Official media promotion and coverage cooperation:

Ms. Li: leah_li@howellexpo.net

Official Website: https://www.chinajoy.net