Exhibitors of 2023 ChinaJoy (ThinkingData/Tec-Do/YinoLink)


Founded in 2015, ThinkingData is a global advanced big data analytics service provider for gaming. The company now has more than eight offices worldwide (in China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore). ThinkingData is devoted to helping game companies explore the value of data to achieve data-driven decision making and business growth. The game analytics platform ThinkingEngine developed by ThinkingData is powerful, real-time and flexible. It provides game companies with an integrated solution from data collection, processing, storage and modeling to visualization and meets the personalized data analytics needs of game companies in all game categories and analysis scenarios for the entire game life cycle. At present, ThinkingData has served more than 800 game companies, including well-known game companies such as HABBY, Papergames, Century Games, Leiting Games, Poke City, Hero Entertainment, Qingci Games and so on. ThinkingEngine has supported more than 4,000 games, such as "Archero", "The Marvelous Snail", "Love Nikki", "Legend of the Ancient Sword" and other popular games in use.


Tec-Do is a enterprise service company driven by big data and commercial intelligent technology, committed to provide full-chain solutions and growth platforms for global branding.

Integrating global traffic and service through technologies, we are dedicated to facilitating Chinese enterprises to expand and occupy the overseas markets rapidly. Tec-Do firmly believes that technology can empower global business and improve efficiency, and pursues the development and application of commercial intelligence.

We Believe Tec-Do Business.


YinoLink (yinolink.com), affiliated to Hangzhou Yike Network Technology Co.,Ltd.,is a professional overseas marketing service provider. In 2018, he became an officially recognized agency of Facebook, focusing on providing one-stop overseas promotion solutions for overseas promotion planning, advertising marketing training, advertising creative production, advertising guidance, and operation strategy optimization. We focus on the field of mobile advertising driven by big data technology innovation, and our service targets include pan-entertainment, e-commerce, games, finance, education and other industries, covering more than 200 countries and regions.