China Game Developers Conference (CGDC)

At present, both the scale of global game market and the number of players are growing, although the market is severely impacted by the epidemic. As the local market players keep developing overseas markets, China’s game products are gradually becoming the leading runners in global market. Under the context of diversified market competition around the world, game developers have to focus more on quality improvement in multiple aspects such as innovative gameplay, narrative techniques, art style during product development, which has become a new challenge for the developers.


The 2023 China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) will be set from the aspects of game genre, operation and technology. The whole process of game development will be involved in the event, during which the guests will share their insights into hot issues and touch on painful topics from different perspectives. Convening more than 50 top technical experts from game industry, 2022 CGDC presented wonderful speeches concerning scheming, programming, art, music and sound, operation, distribution, and segmented technology. With the help of MetaCJ and Huodongxing, the guests presented the latest development technologies, talk about their experiences and findings during R&D process, and share the latest services and applications.

China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) is one of the most forward-looking, internationalized and professional game industry R&D technology conferences in China, aiming to promote independent innovation in China's game industry, help China's original games enter global markets, share the latest game development technology achievements, discuss new trends in game development technology, and strive to grow up into an international game developer event that promotes mutual exchange, learning and cooperation among global game developers. As one of the most influential game developer conferences in Asia, CGDC has been successfully held for 15 times and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Howell International Trade Fair ltd., the organizer of CGDC, would like to thank the members of CGDC Advisory Board for the enthusiastic support and professional guidance they’ve offered all along, and every speaker who supported CGDC in the past more than 10 years for their fabulous speeches and cutting-edge wisdom. CGDC will continue to enhance the influence of the international platform, help local organizations and products enter global markets with the world's cutting-edge technology and creativity as well as the excellent Chinese traditional culture, and energize game developers for continuous innovation and development.