BTOC Interactive Entertainment Area continues to present excellence!

ChinaJoy BTOC interactive entertainment area, a comprehensive digital entertainment exhibition area open to the public, is the best platform for digital entertainment companies to directly interact with the ACG enthusiasts, and to display products. In 2021, the 19th ChinaJoy obtained 12.5 exhibition halls in Shanghai New International Expo Center, covering an exhibition area of 156,000 square meters. There were more than 300 BTOC exhibitors with an exhibition area of 140,000 square meters. The 2021 ChinaJoy gathered famous enterprises at home and abroad.


After 20 years of effort, ChinaJoy has gradually evolved into a brand that covers the entire digital entertainment industry chain. Focusing on digital entertainment industry development and technology improvement, as well as the strong demand for cross-field integration, it features "entertainment + technology", a new digital entertainment ecosystem driven by new technologies. It mostly displays cutting-edge technologies and high-quality content products in the digital entertainment industry, promoting new digital entertainment experiences with technology.


The 2023 ChinaJoy will continue to explore vertical industries and set new growth paths in the industry, covering metaverse, digital humans, science fiction, Indie-game, garage kits, models, designer toys, Chinese traditional clothing, smart travel, etc. Related companies will bring top-notch products, integrate IPs into brands, support brands with technology, and reach more Gen-Z end-users. Audiences onsite will also have a more comprehensive and rich new digital entertainment experience.


In 2023, the organizer will launch a series of online and offline joint activities. Based on its 20-year brand achievements, the organizer will present a panoramic view of the development achievements of the digital entertainment industry in China in the past 20 years, providing a culture and creativity feast for visitors and exhibitors.

Date: July 28th – July 31st

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center


BTOC Exhibits Categories

 Games (mobile games, online games, PC/Console games, browser games, H5 games, small program games, indie games, board games, 5G cloud games, VR/AR games, etc.)

 Animation & Comics and Derivatives

 ACG Related Contents


 Short Video 

 Internet Film & Television

 Internet Music

 AI and Digital Human Technology


 5G Application


 Live Streaming


 New Consumption

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