CJPlus 2023 to Make A Glamorous Appearance!


CJPlus 2022 is the first large-scaled digital entertainment online exhibition in China that was totally presented in the form of metaverse, with 1 main area and 5 themed areas (Gaming Area, Digital Hardware Area, Designer Toys Area, Business Area, and Talent World), over a hundred Chinese and foreign exhibitors, and 150 contracted media partners join the event. The event has generated more than ten thousand of related information and exposed over 410 million PV for publicity in total, drawing great social attention and making a big influence.

At the same time, China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) was also held online during the 2022 ChinaJoy Plus Online Exhibition. The online conference has 6 special sessions with 51 invited speakers. In addition, the 2022 ChinaJoy Plus Online Exhibition joined hands with social platforms with a huge visitor base, including Weibo, 360, PConline and Baidu. Various interesting themed activities were held, including the short-form video contest, desk setup competition, exhibition area daily attendance activities, fan interaction activities, appreciating online concerts, etc. The activities were so wonderful that the audience gave enthusiastic response.


CJPlus 2022 fully introduced digital technology in many aspects such as platform construction, functional design, exhibitor services and event presentation. With the great brand influence and industrial resources advantages of ChinaJoy, the exhibition helped to promote the implementation of relevant technologies and application scenarios, and provided a multi-dimensional experience for the users through metaverse online exhibition.


The CJPlus 2023 tries to, with the help of new technologies and new ways of playing, allow players nationwide, especially those who are eager but not able to visit the exhibition onsite, to get an immersive experience just by swiping screen with their fingers, personally participate in various online activities to enjoy the pleasure and charm brought by ChinaJoy, without limitations of time and space. Aiming to further enhance the influence of the ChinaJoy brand, offer better services to global industrial players and the Gen-Z groups, and promote the sustainable and prosperous development of digital entertainment industry, the organizers build the ChinaJoy Plus Online Exhibition, a groundbreaking interactive experience and online presentation platform in metaverse digital world.

Nowadays, the integration of "online and offline, virtual and real" is becoming a new trend of exhibition industry. In 2023, ChinaJoy will launch online/offline joint exhibitions in a more comprehensive, multi-dimensional and innovative way, and offer better choices and services to exhibitors and visitors, to create more powerful stack effect. The 2023 ChinaJoy Plus Online Exhibition will feature more functions, more fun, and more charm and be presented one by one. Let’s look forward to the dazzling and glorious moment!