The matching conferences matrix during 2023 ChinaJoy

As an important part of ChinaJoy, various conferences and forums will be held during 2023 ChinaJoy to promote resource linkage in the pan-entertainment industry and the benign development of the industry. 


After more than ten years of growth, ChinaJoy's forum series has become one of the most forward-looking, professional and authoritative global digital entertainment industry events. The organizers have always adhered to the idea of presenting high quality events by precisely pointing out the key points of the industry, capturing the signs of industry development. Every year, the organizer invites industry elites and well-known celebrities from home and abroad to attend the events and join relevant communication in knowledge sharing and cooperation discussion. 


The China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) will be held during 2023 ChinaJoy, featuring a number of summits, forums and other activities of several aspects covering edge-cutting topics in gaming, social, interactive entertainment, metaverse, digital music&video, comic, animation and e-literature as well as IP authorization. In addition, the technology-oriented China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) will be held to share the latest game development concepts and to deeply analyze, discuss and exchange innovative ideas and industry layout from various perspectives, such as product, technology and operation. The conference will continue to be open and cooperative and build a leading industry resource aggregation platform together with partners, and discuss with industry players the strategy and layout of cross-border integration development of digital interactive entertainment in the new era.


Statistics of 2021 ChinaJoy Concurrent Conferences:

157 speakers attended and shared their insightful speeches in 6 main conferences lasting for 3 days.

Among them, 37 speakers came from overseas, accounting for 24% of the total participating enterprises

It attracted more than 3,120 audiences in total during the 3-day conferences.

8 companies become sponsors of the conference.