TopOn, advertising Mediation Management Platform, confirmed to exhibit in the 2021 ChinaJoy BTOB

The 19th ChinaJoy in 2021 will be held from July 30th to August 2nd at Shanghai New International Expo Center. As one of the most professional, authoritative and international digital entertainment industry exhibitions in the world, ChinaJoy has developed into a more complete industrial service function, a more comprehensive service system, and a service mechanism to form a more long-term international exchange and cooperation. And one of the display platforms. In 2021, the ChinaJoyBTOB exhibition area will introduce new ideas in all aspects, provide more high-quality services, further enhance the business communication function of the ChinaJoy BTOB exhibition area, create a strong international business atmosphere to the maximum extent, and fully demonstrate the vigorous development of the digital entertainment industry, for the majority of enterprises, studios and industry insiders provide stage and bridge for work display and business negotiation. For the majority of industry elites, whether it is to promote their products to the final consumer market or to find more business opportunities and partners in the global digital entertainment field, the colorful ChinaJoy exhibition and various concurrent events have many excellent promotions resources will undoubtedly become one of the most high-quality and most efficient platforms for major companies to carry out brand building! A few days ago, TopOn, mobile advertising medation management platform, has confirmed its participation and will once again appear in the 2020 ChinaJoy BTOB exhibition area.

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As a global mobile advertising mediation management platform, TopOn’s lightweight SDK supports the integration of global mainstream advertising platforms, adapts to multiple mobile development engines such as Android, iOS, Unity, Cocos, Adobe Air. At the same time, it is equipped with a variety of advertising formats such as banner, native ads, splash, interstitial, and rewarded video to meet the needs of mobile advertising in various scenarios around the world. The open source code of the client is clearly visible, and it is truly safe, transparent and trustworthy.


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Based on strong technical strength and rich advertising monetization experience, TopOn provides developers with convenient monetization management functions such as waterfall layering, header bidding, segment traffic grouping, A/B testing, cross-promotion, API management, etc., to help developers quickly implement refined operation strategies, so that every advertisement exposure get the most valuable filling, and the top advertisements can realize high profits.

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Thanks to the full-process, cross-regional, and all-weather support real-time monitoring system, TopOn provides developers with multi-dimensional data support, which has raised the effect of advertising monetization to a new level. The overall revenue overview, multiple combination windows and analysis options, can comprehensively and clearly show the effect of advertising monetization; key data display, user duration, advertising display frequency, DEU, LTV, retention and other key data indicators are all available to build user life. The model provides an intuitive perspective; advertising platform API data comparison, developers can log in to the TopOn dashboard to accurately compare with the API data provided by each advertising platform, and truly grasp the increase in advertising revenue.


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For developers and manufacturers with higher data security and application requirements, TopOn also provides privatized deployment and BI system construction services. For manufacturers with data scale and business strength, advertising revenue is only one of the business development goals. It is the more ambitious development goal to ensure the continued profitability of products and the large-scale development of the business, which also results in the security of their own data. Even the needs of BI system construction. TopOn's privatization deployment service helps developers to ensure the security of their own business data at the physical level, and provides API support and technical services for the BI system. Based on TopOn's own advertising monetization API, it helps developers get through the purchase volume, attribution, and statistics to build its own BI system.


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Since its development in 2018, TopOn's product functions have been iteratively improved, while the number of cooperative customers and products has also grown rapidly. As of April 30, 2021, TopOn has more than 10,000 cooperative products, more than 70 million daily active users, more than 1 billion daily ad impressions, and more than 10 billion daily ad requests, and they are still growing rapidly. Co-developers and products continue to extend all over the world.


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ChinaJoy BTOB comprehensive business negotiation zone is currently an international business exhibition with strong comprehensive strength in the digital entertainment industry in Asia, a large number of exhibitors, a full range of products, a large exhibition area, and a large number of audiences. It is also currently carrying out digital entertainment product export, import, and cross-field ( An important business docking platform for IP transaction negotiation and business such as variety shows, movies, literature, etc. It has a fully functional online business service system to assist exhibitors and business audiences in online and offline business interactions. Since its official launch in November 2020, significant achievements have been made in the investment promotion progress of ChinaJoy in 2021. Industry companies at home and abroad are actively registering, which can be described as dazzling stars, which fully demonstrates that ChinaJoy platform has become the best stage for digital entertainment companies at home and abroad to demonstrate their strengths and conduct business cooperation negotiations. We believe that the 2021 ChinaJoy BTOB exhibition area with a gathering of talents is bound to bloom in a different way! There are still a small number of remaining exhibitors waiting to be vacant. The organizers of ChinaJoy sincerely invite the majority of interested but not yet registered companies in the industry at home and abroad to seize the time and don't miss this opportunity!