The investment promotion for the 2021 ChinaJoy has officially kicked off!

In 2020, the 18th ChinaJoy had overcome lots of difficulties and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and successfully established an effective mechanism to carry out the onsite epidemic prevention and control. Under the premise of ensuring a safe running of the show from the pandemic, we produced a good exhibition effect for participating enterprises and a satisfactory experience for the audience. At present, under the government’s effective pandemic control and management, China’s economy has returned to normal. And this time around, global entertainment companies and millions of game players and viewers have held full expectations to the upcoming events of the 19th ChinaJoy held in 2021. As one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, ChinaJoy’s every session has become a weathervane to indicate development directions of the industry in the country and the world, and has received worldwide attentions and likes from professionals and players around the world. Currently, Howell International Trade Fair Ltd., the organizer of ChinaJoy, has officially determined that the 19th ChinaJoy will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 30 to August 2, 2021.

The ChinaJoy 2021 will be upgraded to a brand new while catering to new developments on the basis of its successful former editions. The exhibition will focus on new development of the digital entertainment industry and the improvement of technology, and closely look at the strong demand for the cross-sector integration and its development. After year-on-year diversification and expansion of exhibit categories, and after the show has become an international exchange and cooperation platform of the digital entertainment industry that is focused on games and supplemented with animation & comic, e-sports, e-literature, internet film & television, internet music, designer toys and smart entertainment software & hardware. Now, it is focusing the new entertainment business format of “Entertainment + Technology” that uses new technologies to drive and promote new experiences of digital entertainment. The ChinaJoy 2021 will collectively display the digital entertainment industry's cutting-edge technologies and high-quality content products, including 5G, cloud games, AI, VR/AR/XR entertainment products, that will be all presented here.


In addition in 2021, ChinaJoy will highlight the following elements in BTOC area: “5G Cloud Gaming Area”, “Audio Publication Area”, “Designer Toys Area” and “Lolita & Han Show Area”, so to bring more comprehensive and diverse digital entertainment experiences to hundreds of thousands of live audiences. ChinaJoy 2021 will add an “Indie Game Exhibition Area” for the first time in the BTOB showcase that will provides an ideal stage for indie game companies, studios and producers to showcase their products and negotiate with partners. In order to further enhance the business communication atmosphere on the spot, the ChinaJoy 2021 BTOB showcase will newly add a number of “technical exchange meetings” areas, so to facilitate enterprises from home and abroad to hold business exchanges meetings, technology sharing sessions, new product launch and SME meetings, in order to meet the demands of many BTOB exhibitors to hold business meetings in the BTOB halls, and maximally creating a strong international atmosphere.

Looking back at the 18th ChinaJoy exhibition in 2020, even under the great COVID-19 impact, we still maintained a huge exhibition scale, with a total of 10 exhibition halls, which occupied a total of 125,000 square meters, attracted nearly 400 exhibitors. It exhibited 450+ games, nearly 100 hardware products, about 3,000 anime derivatives, and about 200 designer toys, totally, nearly 3,700 exhibits. It made 155 live streaming of e-sports events, held 176 stage performances, and released 672 short videos by exhibitors. BTOC Area, as a comprehensive digital entertainment theme exhibition area open to the public, attracted nearly 200 exhibiting companies which brought together the world's top game masterpieces, digital entertainment and intelligent entertainment software and hardware products. BTOB showcase had a total of 1.5 exhibition halls, and attracted more than 200 participating companies from all over the world, and the exhibition area reached 17,000 square meters. During the event, more than 2,300 business negotiations were conducted, and more than 500 cooperation intentions reached. At the exhibition site, we can see all kinds of companies from all over the world who were discussing with business partners, and the atmosphere was quite warm. These fully demonstrate ChinaJoy has become a best stage for digital entertainment companies at home and abroad to show their image and strength.

The 2020 ChinaJoy had gathered together global digital entertainment companies. Domestically, we had well-known companies in the industry such as Tencent Interactive Entertainment, NetEase Games, Shunwang Technology, Shengqu Games, Perfect World Games, Giant Interactive, Duoyi Networks, Xishanju, Migu, 360 Games,, bilibili, Kuaishou, Baidu, Tiancity, JD, Lenovo, Xiaomi, OPPO, iQOO, OnePlus, Black Shark, Nubia and other well-known companies who actively participated in the exhibition. Internationally, we had world-renowned companies such as Qualcomm, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, DeNA, Samsung, Harman and other international manufacturers which have participated in the unprecedented grand occasion.

BTOC area: Gathering of numerous world-renowned IPs that are unprecedentedly excellent and brilliant










BTOB showcase: A very good atmosphere of copyright transaction, and buyers were very enthusiastic




Make efforts to create the online carnival of 2nd ChinaJoy Plus! In 2020, ChinaJoy launched the first major online exhibition - “the first online carnival of ChinaJoy Plus” that was concurrently held with the offline event. In which, it cooperated with ten major online platforms, including Tik Tok, Kuaishou, Migu, Taobao Live, Weibo, Baidu Tieba, Youku, Tencent Video, Jingdong PLUS, and Wesee to jointly create a live show, to comprehensively enhance the brand influence of the world-renowned exhibition brand IP - ChinaJoy, and expanded the audience to a wider range of online users. This first ChinaJoy Plus received a total of 440 million exposures thru channels, 38 million viewers in the live streaming rooms, 780 million short video displays, and 2 billion topic and text readings thru Weibo #ChinaJoy#.

The first ChinaJoy Plus includes four thematic sections: First Player, Hardcore Geeks, Toys Gurus, and ACG Fans. It presented wonderfully contents of games, live streaming+ video, e-sports events, welfare carnivals, special events and others at the game zone. ChinaJoy Plus, using new technologies and techniques, allows players from China and all over the world (especially those who cannot attend the ChinaJoy onsite) to watch the online show and participate in online activities without having to leave their homes. While afar, across space gamers can also enjoy the joy and charm brought by ChinaJoy! From region of participants to space of the exhibition and from brand value to commercial value, ChinaJoy - the world-renowned exhibition brand IP - has upgraded in 2020. Under the wave of the new era, it will ride on the wind and waves and burst out strong brand potential. ChinaJoy 2021, and the 2nd ChinaJoy Plus online carnival, will also make a wonderful present, and show out great passion.


The ChinaJoy’s concurrent conferences have been a major part to the exhibition for 17 years, and gained great attention by the digital publishing industry authorities of Chinese Government which has been in-depth involved. Each year, it invites well-known home and overseas top-level executives of entertainment companies to participate, and so far, it has developed into a significant industry benchmark that is most professional, authoritative and international. The organizers have always insisted on examining and planning the themes and topics of each conference with new concept, new idea and new vision, keeping abreast of the development and changes of the industry. In 2021, ChinaJoy plans to hold a number of high-end conferences such as China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC), Global E-sports Conference2021, Global Game Industry Summit, Global Cloud Gaming Industry Conference, China Game Developers Conference (CGDC), etc. The conferences will keep on an attitude of development and cooperation, to discuss and share with the audience on the cross-sector integration of industries in the digital entertainment era and the Chinese market investment in the globalization context.



As one of the most professional, authoritative and international digital entertainment exhibitions in the world, ChinaJoy has developed into an international exchange, cooperation and display platform that is with a much more complete set of industrial service functions, a more comprehensive system of services, and a much longer-term service mechanism. For broad industry elites, whether you are planning to promote your products to the consumer market or planning to seek more business opportunities and partners in the digital entertainment field, our multi-functions and services, as well as our various concurrent events, will provide you many unique promotion resources. It will undoubtedly become one of the most high-quality and most efficient platforms for major companies to carry out efforts of promotion and branding! In addition, ChinaJoy 2021 will join hands with exhibitors to make new changes in such areas as showbiz layout, onsite decoration and arrangements, and conference promotions. We will provide better services to fully demonstrate how vigorous development of the digital entertainment industry is.

At present, we have already launched the work of promoting companies to show at the 19th ChinaJoy. We welcome companies and enterprises to contact us to discuss exhibition matters. In the New Year, ChinaJoy will continue to witness vigorous development of China's digital entertainment industry with you! Here, we sincerely invite enterprises in the industry at home and abroad to go to the event and share the prosperity!

BTOC Exhibits Categories:

Games (mobile games, online games, client-end games, browser games, H5 games, small program games, console games, indie games, board games, 5G cloud games, VR/AR games, etc.)

Animation & comics


5G technologies and products

Short video  

Internet film & television

Internet music

Audio Publication


Live streaming

Social platform


Intelligent entertainment software

Intelligent entertainment hardware

BTOB Exhibit Categories: 

IP copyright transaction

Game publishing

Game distribution

Game R&D

Game operation

Game agent 

Indie games

Software and hardware production

Technology promotion

Market and operation promotion

Advertising services

Peripheral derivatives

Telecom operation

Cloud Services

Internet content providing


Investment and financing 

Education and training

Our service items for the 19th ChinaJoy in 2021 include:

Reservation of an area for ChinaJoy BTOC interactive entertainment exhibition

Reservation of an area for ChinaJoy BTOB comprehensive business negotiation

ChinaJoy live advertising

Sponsorship for China International Digital Entertainment Conference (CDEC)

Sponsorship for China Game Developers Conference (CGDC)

And other kinds of cooperation

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