The investment promotion for the 2021 eSmart has officially kicked off!

The 6th Global Smart Entertainment Hardware Expo (eSmart 2021) will be held by Howell International Trade Fair LTD., the organizer of ChinaJoy, at Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 30 to August 2, 2021. This eSmart will continue to be held in the same place and concurrently with the 19th ChinaJoy in 2021. Now, we are kicking out our work of investment promotion and exhibitor attraction!


In recent years, with the increase in both quantity and variety of hardware products and the emerging of intelligent hardware platforms, intelligent hardware products have increasingly become a kind of necessities for the everyday life. According to the "China's Intelligent Hardware Market Forecast 2019-2021" released by CCID Consulting, the market size of Chinese intelligent hardware is expected to reach 831 billion yuan in 2021. On the other hand, as the “Made-in-China 2025” and the “Three-Year Action Plan of ‘Internet +’ Artificial Intelligence” issued by the state government have given strong support to the industry and as driven by a combination of the factors such as policy, technology, economy and demand, in the near future the China's intelligent hardware market will continue to expand. In Analysys view, the intelligent hardware market is expected to maintain steady growth over the next several years.


Forecast of market sizes of China’s smart hardware industry 2019-2021

Sales (in RMB 100m)

Data Sources: CCID Consulting

Highlights of the eSmart 2021

According to iResearch, the market size of China's 5G market could reach RMB 1.2 trillion in 2021. With the increase in user size and their demands, the 5G market will usher in a period of rapid growth for many years. The millions of users and viewers, the new business models and immersive interactive experiences brought by 5G will lead to fundamental changes to the industries of video, games, music, advertising, AR/VR, etc., and the distance between content and consumers greatly shortened. This adds a new and tactile element for entertainment. With the advent of the 5G entertainment era, the eSmart 2021 will set up a new “5G Entertainment Area” to display and showcase global products of 5G smart entertainment hardware, including high-configuration mobile hardware, multimedia intelligent hardware, VR/AR/MR innovative entertainment hardware and other high-tech products in 5G environment - all will be here presented.


China's 5G Market Size 2020 - 2030

5G Market Size (In RMB trillion)

Sources: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom's promotional materials, MIIT- PRC, CAICT, comprehensive market open materials, and combined with iResearch statistical model to account

With the continuous prosperity of the smart entertainment hardware industry, the 2021eSmart exhibition will set up a number of theme areas such as VR/AR hardware, game/eSport hardware and peripherals, intelligent mobile and wearable, intelligent entertainment hardware and fashionable hardware, to further highlight its professionalism, authoritativeness and internationality, and provide an excellent stage for intelligent entertainment hardware companies to showcase their various products. In this eSmart exhibition, it is expected that there would be hundreds of intelligent entertainment hardware products to be displayed in the exhibition site, so that the audience who could make as high as hundreds of thousands visits to the show can entertain and experience the innovation of the high-tech products in the prime time!

Review of the eSmart 2020

In ChinJoy 2020, eSmart exhibition covered 1.5 exhibition halls with a total area of 17,000 square meters. Dozens of well-known global companies of smart hardware gathered here to showcase their wonderful products. And it showed hundreds of VR/AR, 5G mobile devices and smart entertainment hardware products on display at the eSmart, allowing cutting-edge technologies to be accessible by everyday users and consumers alike. It is not only a very show of cutting-edge entertainment technologies, but more an opportunity provided to showcase unprecedented commercial value of domestic and the world’s VR technology and intelligent entertainment hardware and their social impact, so that millions of players and a variety of media can feel in prime time the fun the high-tech products brought about at the exhibition site. Due to being concurrently held with ChinaJoy at the same site, by tapping ChinaJoy huge brand influence, this eSmart exhibition attracted hundreds of thousands visitors to come during the 4 days.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Hall is particularly splendid and unparalleled!

Qualcomm has been providing users with wonderful mobile entertainment experiences through its cutting-edge mobile technologies, innovations, and extensive cooperation with partners. As the only thematic pavilion at ChinaJoy2020, the Qualcomm Snapdragon Hall showed off its most cutting-edge innovative technologies that gave gamers with the ultimate gaming experience in the mobile game field. At the same time, Qualcomm has joined hands with many partners of the industry chain (such as MI, OPPO, iQOO, OnePlus, Black Shark, Nubia, JD, Lenovo, Realme, Meizu, etc.), to bring massive players a diversified mobile entertainment experience that shows the characteristics of "fast", "smooth", "long lasting", "cool" and “smart”, enabling the players to feel the charm of its products that help the players win easily. With its cutting-edge mobile technologies, innovations and extensive ecological cooperation, the Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform is also providing top performance and outstanding features for mobile hardware including XR, PC and others, bringing players a broad range of hardware types for immersive entertainment and gaming experiences, and further expanding the boundary of the virtual world of the mobile entertainment. Not only that, Qualcomm also maintains in-depth cooperation with many top game studios in the industry. It performs targeted optimization on the Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform to jointly promote enhancing of player experiences and promote innovation of the mobile gaming industry.






Black Gold Awards

The "Black Gold" Award is an official award of ChinaJoy and eSmart, and is jointly organized by Howell International Trade Fair Ltd, the organizer of ChinaJoy, and Zhongguancun Online - China's leading IT portal. As an integral part of the eSmart, awarding and prizing for excellent products are indispensable in the process, thus the "Black Gold" Award came into being. The organizer set up two major awards for the 2020 Black Gold Awards:  "Black Gold Entertainment Award" and "Black Gold Technology Award”. It covers all types of products, technologies, and solutions during the selecting process. After nearly two months of evaluation, the organizers selected 20 outstanding products from thousands of technology products to win the Black Gold Award.


At the eSmart 2021, we will set up multiple thematic exhibition areas such as VR/AR hardware, gaming and e-sports hardware and peripherals, smart mobile and wearable devices, smart entertainment hardware and fashion smart hardware, and 5G Entertainment Area. This will further highlight the show’s professionalism, authority and international characteristics, and provide an excellent product display stage for global intelligent entertainment hardware enterprises. It is expected that at the this year's eSmart, hundreds of smart entertainment hardware products would be displayed and traded onsite, and allow hundreds of thousands of visitors to experience tons of fun and innovation thrills brought by these high-tech entertainment products at the site. Today, we are starting the work of investment promotion for eSmart 2021. We welcome companies and enterprises to contact us to discuss exhibition matters. We hope to create greater glories with you in the mid-summer in Shanghai!

Exhibits Categories

VR/AR: Content/Hardware

Game hardware and peripherals: computer hardware, game peripherals;

Smart mobile and wearable hardware: smart fitness equipment, wearable equipment (smart glasses, smart watches, smart bracelets, smart rings, smart helmets), smart wireless devices;

Intelligent entertainment hardware: intelligent audio and video hardware, advanced high-definition audio and video hardware, intelligent digital camera equipment, smart home, wireless communications, smart TV, intelligent OTT set - top boxes;

Fashion smart hardware: intelligent robots, intelligent toys, smart cars, smart unmanned aerial vehicles, scooter;

Intelligent automotive electronics: intelligent transportation, smart cars;

AI technology and application products

5G technology and application products

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