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Vice President
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang, Vice President of NetEase, is responsible for game publishing, overseeing strategic partnerships, marketing, distribution channels, brand integration, innovative projects, and other business operations at NetEase Games. As a passionate believer and enabler of NetEase’s brand values of excelsior development, he leads the company’s long-term creation and management of quality IP, continues to cultivate its cross-platform entertainment ecosystem, and actively expands its worldwide business reach. While maintaining NetEase Games an industry-leading company, Mr. Wang promotes the transmission of cultural values, the revival of traditional classics, and the trend of global collaborations. He is also committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in gaming and to enhancing the mutually empowering bond between product and culture.
General Manager of Digital Native Business Group, Microsoft GCR
Johnny Tian
Johnny Tian serves as General Manager of Digital Native Business Group of Microsoft Greater China Region, overseeing digital-native related businesses and eco-system contribution on internet, gaming, mobile and more innovative applications in GCR market. The business group, which is founded and led by Johnny, is dedicated to enable and empower Chinese born-on-the-internet companies in all sizes with Microsoft Cloud’s global coverage, innovative capabilities, and secure & compliance guarantees, to achieve more in a broader global market. Johnny Tian joined Microsoft in July 2021, with 18 years’ experience in technology industry, and 8+ years for cloud across multiple industries including internet, gaming and manufacturing. Prior to Microsoft, he worked at AWS China and Google Cloud China successively. Based on his deep understanding of public and hybrid cloud’s enterprise practice, of internet and gaming industry, and of the actual pain points and needs from developer & partner eco-system, Johnny is proficient in releasing cloud computing ‘s full potential for real business scenarios.
Unity Greater China President and Global Senior VP
Junbo Zhang
Junbo Zhang currently serves as President of Greater China and Senior Vice President for Unity. With over 20 years of experience in the internet and software industry, he has helped Microsoft created its China development team which supported all of Microsoft’s online business payment platform, developed and managed gaming cloud backend system for EA, later founded Silkcloud Software, and officially joined Unity in 2015. He became Unity Greater China General Manager in 2017. Junbo graduated from Tsinghua University in Computer Science and Technology and has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Ohio State University.
Vice President of Technology
Li Bin
Joined MOONTON in 2022 as Vice President of Technology. In 2020, he joined YOOZOO GAMES Co., Ltd. as CTO, fully responsible for YOOZOO GAMES 's technical platform construction and R&D system upgrading. In 2006, he joined ChangYou, serving as the main programmer and producer of " Dragon Oath ", senior director of the program department, system department, platform department and product technology centre, and general manager of the platform division, making outstanding contributions to Dragon Oath 's millions of online and continuous innovation, as well as ChangYou's R&D system, technology platform, business expansion and talent training. In 2004, he joined LAGER in Taiwan and was responsible for the development of the game engine.
Kenji Matsubara
Kenji Matsubara is the CEO of SNK Corporation and has extensive experience working in the video game industry. He has held positions as president of renowned global companies such as SEGA and Koei Tecmo. Additionally, he has been actively involved in the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC), an international conference for game developers, as a key member, contributing to the advancement of technology in the gaming industry.
Vice President
Yang Xiaoxuan
Yang Xiaoxuan, Vice President of iQiyi, in charge of original animation projects.As the first China-originated CG-animated series aired on Nickelodeon US, Deer Squad has achieved excellent viewership performance all over the world. At the same time, as a member of the Emmy Awards jury, a judge of the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and the vice president of the China Animation Association, Yang has participated in the jury work of various domestic and international television and animation festivals and exhibitions.
Head of Entertainment Research
Guo Chengjie
Mr. Guo Chengjie is the head of entertainment research at iResearch, with over 10 years of experience in market research and consulting. Mr. Guo has rich experience in entertainment research, covering film and animation, online literature, games, e-sports, game streaming, IP derivatives, AR/VR and other fields.
Senior VP
Raymond Pao
Raymond Pao, Senior VP of HTC and Business Solutions group, oversees the end-to-end solution business, overseeing VR new technology and creating exceptional product and brand value on HTC VIVE. With proven experience and knowledge in consumer electronics and technology, Raymond worked closely with Google's Android team in 2006, led software development for the Android platform, and developed the world's first Android Smartphone. Since 2015, he has enabled strategic partnerships for VR new technology with VR ecosystems. Raymond received two Master's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University and Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, USA.
Director, Co-CEO and President at Perfect World Co., Ltd, and CEO of Perfect World Games Co., Ltd.
Lu Xiaoyin
Lu Xiaoyin currently serves as a Director, Co-CEO and President at Perfect World Co., Ltd, and CEO of Perfect World Games Co., Ltd.,overseeing the development, operation, and management of the company's entire gaming business. In 2001, Lu Xiaoyin joined e-Pie Entertainment & Technology Co., Ltd, where he assumed the roles of Art Director and Principal Game Producer. From 2004 to 2018, Lu Xiaoyin held various executive positions at Perfect World, including Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer, and COO of Perfect World Games.
Founder & CEO
Frank Luo
He holds dual bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management from Tsinghua University, and a master's degree in Computer Science from Rice University in the US. In 2005, he founded Funshion, pioneering opportunities in China's internet high-definition video industry. He developed the world's first "download while watching" video software and the FSP on-demand platform, propelling Funshion to become a global leading online video platform. In 2017, he founded Allook Technology, focusing on the field of commercial video services, and invested heavily in research and practical applications of artificial intelligence.
Sophia Xie
Sophia Xie, holds an MBA from Kent Business School at the University of Kent in the UK. She used to be the Vice President of Wasu Media Co., LTD. and the CEO of Shengqu Games. She was awarded one of Shanghai's Top 10 Cultural Figures of the year 2020 and one of the top 10 Influential Figures in China's game industry in 2017. Sophia Xie is currently the President of Century Huatong, Vice President of the Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Association, Vice President of the Shanghai Network Culture Association, an Expert on the Shanghai Yuan Universe Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee, and a Distinguished Expert of the China Game Industry Research Institute Expert Think Tank. She leads Century Huatong in exploring and laying out in the field of science and technology, focusing on metaverse, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and red cultural tourism, among others. She opens up new application scenarios to create multiple values for the company and society.
Founder/General Manager
Dayson - Founder/General Manager of Hualiu Music Group, a visionary in the Chinese music industry. Dayson has spearheaded the development of an innovative "Music+" entertainment ecosystem, revolutionizing the industry with captivating content and iconic intellectual properties. With a keen eye for cultural trends, Dayson has successfully curated remarkable projects, including the prestigious Hualiu Music Academy, the electrifying Hualiu Music Festival, and the vibrant Hualiu Star Trend Block. Experience the epitome of musical excellence with Dayson and Hualiu Music Group.
GM of SEASUN Operation and Publishing Platform
Zhe Yao
Mainly responsible for SEASUN GAME overall enterprise brand building, SEASUN GAME full range of product issuance business and operation and distribution of the middle infrastructure work SEASUN has been constantly exploring breakthroughs in film and television, animation, literature, drama, music, esports, and culture, and strives to become a global game cultural and creative entertainment company.
Wu Lixiang
Mr. Wu Lixiang, the founder of "Entertainment Capital"—— China's leading vertical new media platform in the entertainment industry. Mr. Wu Lixiang is an experienced observer and media professional in the entertainment industry. Leading his team in the role of financial advisor (FA), he has assisted entertainment startup companies in raising hundreds of millions of yuan in funding. With over ten years of media experience, Mr. Wu has served as a guest expert on the China Movie Report program of CCTV6 Channel and as a lecturer at the Hedgehog Society's Vertical Media Academy. He has been honored with awards such as the Annual News Award by the Xinjingbao newspaper, the "Best Entertainment Journalist of 2014" by EntGroup, the Top Ten Authors of 2015 by TMTpost, and the 2017 Netease Media Partner Award.
General Manager of China Mobile Development Strategy Department, former General Manager of China Mobile Migu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
Liu Xin
With 30 years of experience in the TMT industries, Dr. Liu Xin has worked in both  international and demestic enterprises. Besides Doctor in Computer Engnieering,he also holds MBA degree, with in-depth insights into multi-industry and cross-field innovation. Migu co., a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile, is a tech powerhouse,with speciality of immersive experience innovation for sports,game and various entertainment industries.
Senior investor of ACGN field Producer of Animation Film Me and My Winter Games Television Director of National Ceremony 70Th Broadcasting service manager of OC&CC Beijing Winter Olympic Games
Currently CEO of MultiMetaverse Inc. & Chairman of Seven Creations
Alex Xu
Entered the gaming industry in 1994, with 25 years of experience in the gaming/entertainment and internet industries, 7 years of entrepreneurial experience, and ventured into venture capital in 2002. Served as the President of 360 Games Business Unit at Qihoo 360, SVP/CBO at Perfect World, Director of Strategic Investment at Giant Interactive, Outsourcing Manager at EA Asia, Game Director at RealNetworks China, Game Director at SOHU Corporation, CBO at Perfect World, and held other executive positions in listed companies. Also serves as a senior consulting expert at GLG in the United States and is one of the founding members of AAMA Angel Investment Club. Founded one of the early independent game studios in China and participated in and led the investment and acquisition of several game companies, including 17173, Cryptic Studio in the United States, Runic Studio, Unknown Worlds, Certain Affinity, SNK in Japan, Digital Extremes in Canada, Splash Damage in the United Kingdom, LeYou in Hong Kong, and BoLe in Beijing, among other successful cases. In September 2020, appointed as the President of Beijing Animation and Game Industry Association. In May 2021, founded Multi-Metaverse Inc. and acquired QiChuangShe, leading the popular Chinese animation IP “Aotu World” into the metaverse.
Vice President
Vigo Zhang
Vigo Zhang is responsible for overall business cooperation of Tencent Games,including promoting the collaborations with the public affairs departments, facilitating publishing partnerships on both internal and external platforms, and operational strategy. Prior to joining Tencent in 2006, Vigo graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University with a master’s degree in System Engineering.
Song Ke
A leading figure in the Chinese music industry, Director of the CMIC (Music Industry Association), Vice Chairman of the China Association of Performing Arts, Chairman of Beijing Coolstuff Culture Development Co. Ltd. Educational Background 1983.9-1988.7 Department of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University 2016.9-2018.6 EBMA, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University Career 1996-2000 Rye Music |  Founder 2000-2004 Warner Music China | Senior VP/A&R Director 2004-2012 Taihe Rye Music | Founder/CEO 2012-2015 Evergrande Music | Chairman 2015-2018 Alibaba Music Group | Chairman 2019-2020 Live Nation(China) | Chairman 2020- Beijing CoolStuff Culture Development Co. Ltd. | Chairman Professional associations China Music Industry Committee(CMIC) | Director China Association of Performing Arts | Vice President China Audio&Video Copyright Association(CAVCA) | Vice President
Chairman and General Manager
Sun Li
Born in September 1979, Sun Li got a bachelor's degree and graduated from the TV Department of Communication University Of China in 2003, who obtained an EMBA degree from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management in 2013. At present, he serves as the chairman and general manager of Joicy Studio Corp., Hangzhou; director of the China Cultural Industry Association and deputy secretary general of the Hangzhou Animation Cartoon and Game Association; as well as a member of the 9th, 10th, and 11th Zhejiang Youth Federation. At his undergraduate stage and after graduation, Sun Li has worked in various radio and television media and departments such as CCTV NEWS PROGRAM CENTER, CCTV Animation Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, and Hangzhou Cultural, Radio and Television Group. His work mainly involves in the fields such as news editing, special topic production, animation marketing, government relations, etc. Since 2005, he has participated in the bidding and planning of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, and has participated in hosting some activities for a long time. This event has been successfully held for 19 times. Since 2014, he has served as the chairman of Joicy Studio Corp., Hangzhou; Over the past decade, Joicy Studio has taken "IP+technology" as its dual core to achieve breakthroughs in various content fields such as films, dramas, animations, and games. The film and television works produced by the company have won multiple awards both domestically and internationally. In addition, it has won multiple innovations in the fields of graphic engine application and redevelopment.
Executive Director, Chairman and CEO
Xiao Jian
Mr. Xiao Jian, Executive Director, Chairman and CEO of CMGE, with Bachelor’s degree in Law, South China Normal University and Master's degree in Software Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Mr. Xiao has over 20 years’ experience in Value-added telecommunications service, mobile game development and management. Mr. Xiao, taking charge of group strategic planning, business operation and daily management, is one of the leaders in China mobile game publishing and IP games business. On September 25, 2012, Mr. Xiao led CMGE (NASDAQ: CMGE) to go public on NASDAQ, which became the first Chinese mobile game company to go public in the US capital market. The group completed its privatization in August 2015. Under Mr. Xiao’s leadership, CMGE was successfully listed on HKEX on October 31st, 2019 (0302.HK). Mr. Xiao is Special Expert of China Game Industry Research Institute Expert Think Tank, Expert of Guangdong Entertainment & Game Industry Association and Member of Shenzhen Federation of Young Entrepreneurs.
John Yin
John is a 20 year veteran of the mobile game industry and spent 5 years in China leading EA and Zynga mobile game studios. He started his career in entrepreneurship and held many various leadership roles including engineering, product management, and design. He more recently led Warner Bros. Game Free-to-Play group including both mobile and PC/Console titles and is now at Scopely serving as SVP Head of Slate and External Development Partnerships. Amongst the successful mobile projects he has seen to market include Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, War Dragons, Game of Thrones Conquest, and Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Stanford University and Bachelors from UC Berkeley in Electronical Engineering and Computer Science.
Hiroyuki Sakurada
Hiroyuki Sakurada, graduated Yokohama National University Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences and joined ITOKURO Inc. in 2009 as CEO of its Shanghai subsidiary to develop mobile games for the Japanese market in China, and in 2012 joined KLab Inc. as CEO of KLab China. KLab was established in 2000. Since entering the game business in 2009, our main business is planning, developing and operating mobile online games. We have produced many hit titles based on famous anime and manga. In addition to distributing titles to 174 countries and regions around the world, we continue to open up new markets other than games. Currently, we are working on multi-platform support for video game consoles and media development for original IPs.
Vice President
Sally Peng
Sally Peng, Overseas Operations Lead & Vice President of 37 Interactive Entertainment. Under Ms. Peng's leadership, 37 Interactive Entertainment has made significant breakthroughs in its global publishing business. With products covering genres like MMORPGs, strategy, gacha, and simulations, the company's overseas revenue has reached 5.994 billion RMB. Successful titles like "Puzzles & Survival" has made 37 Interactive Entertainment one of the leading Chinese game publishers in the global market. The company has always tried to blend Chinese culture into its games in aspects such as themes, gameplay, mechanics, and even promotional campaigns. By integrating traditional Chinese culture into its high-quality games, the company has consistently provided players around the world the opportunity to experience and explore Chinese culture through gaming. In order to contribute to the development of China's cultural and entertainment industries, and to elevate its global cultural significance. Ms. Peng and her team will further leverage their advantages in R&D and deep knowledge of local markets to expand the company's overseas publishing business.
Vice President of Well-Link Group
Heidi SUN
Heidi Sun currently serves as the VP of Well-Link Group, fully responsible for Well-Link's overseas business; As the world's leading cloud gaming platform provider, Well-Link’s headquartered in Singapore and actively expands overseas markets including South Korea, Japan and Singapore. Prior to joining Well-link Tech, Ms. Sun served as the general manager of Microsoft's global ecosystem service partner department, responsible for strategy formulation and implementation, customer development and industry penetration. Prior to that, Sun served as the Director of High-Tech Industry with EY Corporate Consulting, and was one of the founding teams of EY Corporate Consulting's high-tech team, where he participated in and led the development and transformation planning of a large number of Chinese enterprises, promoting enterprise development and operation standardization.
Director of China Game Production
Bao Bo
Responsible for PS5 game production in China, including but not limited to the management and guidance of China Hero project, production support and guidance for PS platform game developers, etc. Former senior manager of Virtuos Group, former founder and general manager of Virtuos Xi'an Studio, group QA director, group game new product director, etc., has participated in the development of more than one hundred of console, mobile and PC games, and his representative works include Final Fantasy X/X-2, Assassin's Creed, Dark Souls, etc. Former production director of Improbable China, whose representative works include the Nostos PS4 version co-produced with NetEase.
VP, Publisher and Developer Relations, EMEA
Katleen EVERS
VP, Publisher and Developer Relations, EMEA, entrepreneurial driven, and proven abilities to create, maintain and enhance cross-continental and cross-level client relationships. 15+ years of experience in expanding businesses, projects and teams, public speaker, judge, mentor and... gamer.
Vice President& Investment
Christopher. Liu C
10+ years in online gaming in at VNG Corporation and Zenimax. Chris has licensed and published of 50+titles on PC, web, and mobile from China, Korea, and the US in the SEA+ China TW/ China HK markets. Currently focused on investing and building global game development capacity.
Founder & CEO
Ada Liu
This is Ada Liu, the founder and CEO of Share Creators. Share Creators is involved in both Design Sonsulting and the Digital Asset Managment software. Its Blueberry intelligent Digital Asset Management system has been used by many game developers and design studios worldwide, becoming a tool that helps them achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Share Creators also provides high-quality art consulting and has been deeply involved in the production of the top 5 mobile games in China’s outbound market in 2021 and many 3A-level games.
Senior Vice President
Ivy Wang
Ivy Wang, Senior Vice President of SNK China Ivy Wang joined the company in 2015 when SNK China was first established and has been responsible for the distribution and IP licensing business of SNK products in China. The IP licensing business covers various domains, including games, TV series, animation, novels, e-sports events, and merchandise, spanning multiple platforms such as console games, mobile games, cloud gaming, and in-car gaming. She has also expanded into emerging areas such as Alipay, digital collectible skins, as well as domestic and international NFT, opening up new dimensions for licensing. With years of experience in the gaming industry, under her leadership, SNK has successfully entered the Chinese market and managed to cultivate not only a large number of loyal players, but a new generation of fans as well. Adhering to the principles of diversity, communication, innovation, and exploration, Ivy Wang has achieved the rebranding and value enhancement of SNK in China, laying a solid foundation for future development in the new phase.
Greater China Head
Chen Jingbo
Holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree from Beihang University in China, an MBA from the University of Illinois in the United States, and has also undergone training as a business elite at Harvard Business School. With 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, he is a well-known expert in game simulation software development and internet operations in China and the United States. In 2012, he was sent back to China by 2K headquarters and established the famous sports game studio, VisualConcepts(2KSports), under Take-Two in China, serving as its general manager. He was responsible for the development of several NBA2K series games and participated in the acquisition and development of WWE2014. He helped SOHU Changyou establish a company in Silicon Valley, successfully bringing the Chinese game "Tian Long Ba Bu" into the North American market and participating in the NASDAQ listing ceremony of Changyou. He also holds patents for the invention of China's third-generation 360-degree omnidirectional flight simulator and other related patents.
APAC Growth Director
Xiaolong Zhang
Xiaolong Zhang, the APAC Growth Director of Homa Games. He joined the company in 2018 when it was established, and now leads all of the company's initiatives in the APAC region. These include content distribution with third-party partners, partner cooperation, and game publishing. With five years of experience in the worldwide publishing of hyper-casual games, Xiaolong has been involved in aspects of the process, from prototype testing to game launch, creative testing, product analysis and improvement, and user acquisition and monetization. Some of the products he has participated in include "Border Patrol," "Farm Land," "Pancake Art," "Merge Master," "Aquarium Land," and "Attack Hole," among others.
Executive Vice President of Business Development Group
Mr Zhuhong,senior engineer,MBA, Executive Vice President of Business Development Group of MiGu Culture and Technology Co., LTD. Having been working in communications and digital media for 30 years,now Mr. Zhu is responsible for the company's strategic development, cloud-native games and other innovative projects, and actively participate in the theoretical and practical exploration of the Metaverse.
<Reflection>Game Producer
Laober Zhu
Laober Zhu VR Game Producer,Watercolor Artist,Concept Artist,Indie Animation Director Works: Film: <Back To 1942.>Concept Artist Animation Film:<Monkey King Hero Is Back>Production Designer Animation Film:<Bilal> Lead Concept Artist Animation Film: <Kongfood> Art Director Short Animation<Ultimate Experience> Director VR GAme<Reflection>Game Producer
Founder & CEO
Eric Wang
Graduated from Newcastle Business School, is experienced in overseas online market for 15 years. Co-founded MENA Mobile Network in Dec 2015, and positioned as COO until July 2021, in charge of product, market and operation, led the Development and publishing of gaming project like “War Zone”, “Saladin”, “Arabic Night etc. Used to work at Lenovo Think Series’ operation, Sohu ChangYou, and manager of Lianzhong Game Overseas Department, in charged of multiple PC games, Mobile games and the globalization of “Mobogenie”.
Founder & CEO
Michael Wang
Mr Wang, the founder and CEO of SPGame, had worked in Huawei and Mobvista. He has over 10 years of business experience in the mobile internet industry and the Chinese game oversea publishing. Since the establishment of SPGame in 2016, he has successfully led the team in launching several S-class projects in the Asia-Pacific region, including "City of Daynight" "Deity of Evernight" "Immortal Soul" "Exile: Avenging Fire", etc. the marvelous performance of SPGame in the past 5 years has made itself rank in the top ten of Data.ai of Chinese oversea publishing team. SPGame is dedicated to overseas game publishing, aiming to promote more high-quality Chinese games to enter the global market and share in the benefits of overseas expansion.
VP, Sales, Enterprise, CN
Mickey Li
Mickey Li is the VP of Airwallex China, responsible for CN enterprise sales. Prior to Airwallex, he has 15 years of experience working in Fintech, Internet and Strategy consulting, including Ping An Group, Vipshop and McKinsey. Mickey obtained BA degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University and MBA degree from Instead Business School.
Zhengliang Li
Zhengliang Li, CEO of Lulin Games, has 10 years of experience in the game publishing industry, focusing on global mobile game publishing and serving the moblie game Content-Provider to go overseas. The regions currently released include Hong Kong China, Macao China, Taiwan China and English-speaking regions. The mobile games have been currently released include "Land of Doran", "Yao Ling Huan Xiang", original IP "LaTale", and other products with a turnover more than 10 million. Mr. Li main field of game publishing and serving are ARPG and Idle Card Games, has a strong research and analysis ability for the similar genre in game field.
Andre Liu
20+ years global gaming experience from Renren, Kabam, EA. In 2013, personally invested $100,000 to establish Upsteam Info. Tech., which was subsequently acquired by Ourpalm for $200 million 1 year later. In 2015, Andre was recognized as an exemplary young entrepreneur by the Entrepreneurs Association. Andre continued his entrepreneurial journey by founding Onemena (2017-2019), leveraging his extensive Arab marketing experience. Under his leadership, Onemena's content platform product reached a peak DAU count of over one million. Throughout his career, Andre has consistently demonstrated a talent for innovation and a commitment to growing successful businesses in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. In October 2019, Andre founded Ace Game with the willingness of becoming a top global game development company. The company possesses a full range of capabilities, including independent research and development as well as global publishing. Within just three years of establishment, Ace Game's first self-developed and self-published product generated over ¥200 million in profit.
General Manager, Asia Pacific
Delynn Ho
With diverse industry and market experience spanning over 20 years, Delynn is a seasoned strategist and practitioner in the mobile ad tech world. Experience gained in business, product, and marketing has boosted Delynn’s expertise and thought leadership in mobile in-app and programmatic advertising. Proven to drive profitable growth throughout multiple regions including APAC, the US, South America, Europe, and South Africa, Delynn is influential in evolving business strategies to incorporate mobile media through commercial, product, and operational aspects of implementation. Currently responsible for Smaato in the Asia Pacific region, Delynn spearheads sustainable development and optimizes revenue growth particularly in markets with significant advancements; throughout China, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, and India. As one of APAC’s multilingual pioneers in mobile ad tech, Delynn’s vast experience has molded her into a seasoned strategist and practitioner, allowing her to hone her business acumen, strategic thinking, and strong leadership skills.
Host and broadcaster at CLS
Saihang Liu
Saihangis best known for his broadcaster, CLS's Morning News. He has hosted multiple large-scale economic forums and always has rich experience in hosting and interviewing. Main Hosted Activities: the CLS Investment Summit, the Science and Technology Innovation Board Summit, the Shanghai Top 30 New Economy Ranking Conference, the China Capital Market Summit, the International Leisure and Tourism Industry Investment Summit, the China Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Summit, and the Listed Company Innovation Summit.
Executive Vice President and Secretary General
Ao Ran
Ao Ran, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association. He has been engaged in publishing industry for more than 35 years. Sine 2001, He has been responsible for the main management work of Publishing House of Electronics Industry, served as vice president and president. In 2013, he served as Party secretary and general manager of China Industry and Information Technology Publishing & Media Group Co.,Ltd. In February 2015, he joined Children's Fun Publishing Co., Ltd and served as Managing Director. Ao Ran has participated and was in charge of the R&D and implementation of major projects involved in digital publishing and digital publishing copyright protection. His research direction mainly focused on the digital transformation strategies and methods of professional publishing. He was honored “The Fifth National Top 100 Publishers”、”The Second Batch of Leading Talents in the National Press and Publication Industry”, and won the “China Government Award for Publishing” in 2013.
Qiu Xipeng
Professor Qiu Xipeng serves as a director of the Chinese Information Processing Society of China (CIPS) and the chair of the Natural Language Processing Committee of the Shanghai Computer Society. His main research interests lie in the fundamental techniques and models of natural language processing. He has published over 80 papers in top-tier conferences and journals, which have been cited more than 10,000 times. He has led the development of open-source frameworks such as FudanNLP and FastNLP, which have been widely adopted by hundreds of institutions both domestically and internationally. He has also released open-source language models including MOSS, CPT, and BART-Chinese, which are among the most downloaded Chinese language models. He has received grants from prestigious programs including the National Excellent Young Scientist Program. In 2022, he was awarded the first prize of the Qian Weichang Chinese Information Processing Science and Technology Award as the primary contributor.
Azure Business Group Lead Microsoft Greater China Region
Chris Tao
As Azure Business Group Lead, Chris Tao is responsible for end-to-end accountability for Azure business in Greater China Region, across all-up Azure Strategy, business development, marketing, operations and long term Azure planning, leading Azure Business Group to deliver trusted, effective, innovative and sustainable Azure cloud services to drive digital business growth and transformation across GCR region. Chris Tao has been with Microsoft for 16 years, with rich field enterprise solution consulting and sales experiences across China, US and Canada market. Before relocating to Microsoft GCR region in 2019, Chris Tao was Client Tech Strategy Lead covering US PacWest High-Tech and Retail industry to drive cloud strategy and adoption landing with Top 10 Fortune 500 accounts. Before US, Chris was the Client Strategist Lead covering Western Canada Enterprise market to drive cloud and digital transformation. Chris also has rich experiences in China market, where he covered East China region MNC, Government, Auto, Retail industry solution sales and consulting business for 8 years. Chris was part for various Microsoft product R&D and field consulting teams including Office 2007, Dynamics CRM, Speech Server, SQL Server etc. where he gained rich technical background and experiences. Besides Microsoft, Chris is also teaching DevOps course at University of British Columbia, also served as part-time coach in startup incubators.
Li Wei
Dr. Li Wei is the VP of Engineering for the Large Language Model (LLM) team at Mobvoi and a senior architect in Natural Language Processing (NLP). He has previously served as Chief Scientist and Deputy Dean at well-known companies such as Trend, Hongji, and iFlytek Research Institute.
Serves as the President of 360 Intelligence
Zhang Xiangzheng
With over a decade of experience in research and development of artificial intelligence technology and team management, Zhang Xiangzheng has been deeply immersed in the fields of large-scale model research, big data risk control, search engine optimization, and recommender systems. Under his leadership, the team has secured 105 national patents. Since joining the group, Zhang Xiangzheng has successfully introduced cutting-edge technologies such as the BERT semantic model and MultiModal Machine Learning retrieval. Additionally, he has spearheaded the development of a channel quality management system and led the research and development efforts of the groundbreaking cognitive general large-scale model known as the "360 Intelligence Brain". Currently, the advanced 360 Intelligence Brain 4.0 has found extensive applications in the areas of MultiModal Machine Learning, comprehensive end-to-end solutions, and digital humans. Its product capabilities have been thoroughly evaluated by reputable institutions like the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Francisco Cheng
Cisco Cheng is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for all Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms and evangelist for the technologies built inside them. He is responsible for promoting the Snapdragon premium tiers and technologies and interfaces with media, analysts, OEMs, and carriers globally. Cisco has spent close to twenty years in the mobile technology and semiconductor industries. Prior to his role at Qualcomm, Cisco spent over 10 years writing about technology for various publications including PC Magazine and Extremetech.
Head of Research on the FuXi AI team at NetEase
Tangjie Lv
Holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Peking University. He has previously worked for Tencent and has published over ten academic papers. During his tenure at NetEase FuXi, he was responsible for the research and implementation of AI technologies in gaming and entertainment fields, and conducted in-depth research on AI topics such as intelligent decision-making, natural language processing, speech synthesis, character reconstruction, personalized matching and recommendations. He led his team to successfully apply these technologies in NetEase's gaming, music, media, e-commerce and other scenarios.
Chief Scientist
Jiang Yuan
Joined iFlytek in 2005. He has held positions such as researcher, research director, and deputy dean at the iFlytek AI Research Institute. Jiang has long been engaged in research in areas such as speech synthesis, speech signal processing, multilingual technology, timbre conversion, multimodal synthesis, and music synthesis, making him a senior expert in the field of speech technology research. Since joining iFlytek Music in 2022, he has been committed to the production extension of AI + entertainment content, setting the tone for content formats, and providing more cutting-edge technical support. At present, iFlytek has integrated speech technology with the music industry. Its singing synthesis and singing voice change technologies have been widely used in pan-entertainment scenarios such as the creation of virtual idols.
General Manager of the AI Business Unit
Han Ting
He takes charge of the AI business strategy, leads research and development, and oversees its implementation across the company. With over 15 years of deep expertise in big data, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation, Andy is a seasoned professional in the field. Previously, he helmed the Core Products Center within the company, where he was instrumental in establishing the big data and artificial intelligence team. Andy holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University.
Director of the Knowledge Graph Department at Baidu
She Qiaoqiao
Responsible for the research and development of fundamental technologies such as Baidu's Knowledge Graph and cross-modal generation, as well as the product and ecosystem construction of AI art and creative assistance platform "Wenxin Yige". Since joining Baidu, she has led the team to achieve a number of industry-leading results in important directions of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graph, and cross-modal generation. Her team holds the highest number of patents in the field of knowledge graphs nationwide. She personally holds more than 30 Chinese patents and over 10 international patents.
Director - AMD AI Group China Market
George Wang
Graduated from University of Electronic & Science Technology of China, master degree, major in Digital Signal Processing. With 19 years industry experience. Joined legacy Xilinx in 2005, used to lead Data Center Group China AI/Compute Market – Sr. manager of System Architect & Business Development; Also, was responsible for AI/Vitis product marketing; Data Center AI specialist, and DSP specialist. Hongqiang Wang with multiple US patents, and couples of public papers.
Board Chair
Tina Tsou
Tina Tsou is an accomplished global industry leader. As a visionary, she develops and delivers infrastructure and enterprise products—through initial launch and iterations. She boasts expansive achievement in large-scale technical project management, software engineering, and strategic planning for complex organizational technologies, products, and solutions. She is demonstrably committed to designing products engineered for security, reliability, and scalability—and dedicated to helping clients and developers see benefits of technology come to life. As Arm’s Director of Infra Ecosystem, Tina excels as an innovative and results-driven leader overseeing international teams on IP journey, where she manages phases 3 to 5, IP selection, bring up, and ramp. She consistently exhibits a solid grasp of “big picture” solutions. As a previous Enterprise Architect at Arm, Tina served in a highly visible Technical Lead role for the Enterprise Open Source Enablement team, where she analyzed, designed, and implemented robust strategies to establish first tier status for Arm’s architecture within open source communities and projects. Tina previously served as the Digital Domain Expert (Connectivity) for Philips Lighting, where she implemented NB-IoT in an outdoor carrier project with China Mobile and Huawei. She released Bluetooth + ZigBee combo chip architecture and delivered a connectivity hardware/software platform (ZigBee 3.0, Wi-Fi). The China and United States Patent and Trademark Offices have granted Tina 100+ patents. She earned her Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technologies, and graduated from Stanford Graduate Business School. Recent appointments include SIG 3 Release, Vice Chair of Nephio (Driven by Google), and Board Chair of LF Edge.
Chief editor in Media
Joanna Mao
Master degree from Tsinghua University Previously worked in the IR team of Wanda Film , IBM Global Business Service and National Audit Office
Alan Li
Serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He founded Firefly Games in 1999 and after its acquisition in 2007, he participated in the founding of companies such as King Kong Games, AntVR Technology, and Battle Times. He has also personally invested in 12 gaming and VR startups, including Xigua Interactive and so on .
Kotoko AI is developing a massively multiagent online community based on the most advanced large language models and its own artificial intelligence technologies, assembling virtual characters with real souls. Integrating with popular gameplay, Kotoko AI offers users exhilarating virtual world adventures and unique experiences of crafting and cultivating character personas. Previously, Patrick led user growth and strategy at Yahaha Studios
Head of Media and Internet Industry
Chen Liangdong
Master's degree from the National University of Singapore. Previously worked in Tencent WXG as a BA, and as an analyst for the Media and Internet sector at CMS . Has 5 years of industry analysis and industry experience.
Head of the Media-Internet industry team
Nie Yuxiao
Bachelor of Fudan University, Master's degree from Fudan University, core member of the third team of New Fortune in 2020, has in-depth research on AI, ChatGPT and other industrial chains, and has deep insights into the AI investment framework.
Xie Menghui
focuses on investment in TMT and consumption in the primary and secondary markets. Since joining Atlas Capital in 2017, she has invested in 52Toys, PETKIT, Guanzhan, Naxions, YuAn Technology, Orangame, etc. Before joining Atlas Capital, she served as the executive director of the growth enterprise financing department of Huatai United Securities and the director of Huatai Innovation Investment Business. She also worked in Huatai Securities and CICC, responsible for media and Internet industry research.
Omniverse Lead,China
Zeno He
Graduated from Nankai University, he once worked in Autodesk, SAP, GE Digital and other companies in charge of market and ToB strategic consulting and management business. At present, he works in NVIDIA, responsible for the business development of Omnivese and RTX enterprise product lines in China. He has senior experience and insights in AI, machine learning and in-depth learning. Currently, he focuses on promoting AI applications, generative AI AI digital Virtual humans, digital asset creation, simulation and other landing applications.
Yu Xiang
Yu Xiang, an experienced media professional in the industry, has been working in the gaming media for 23 years, witnessing the growth of the Chinese gaming industry from scratch. In late 2018, he founded the Gameunited and serves as the position of Editor-in-chief.
Chief Operating Officer
Liu Yanhong
previously worked at Yangcheng Evening News Group and ZAKER, a mobile news client, bringing with her 13 years of experience in news gathering, editing, operations, and team management. Later, she joined Alipay, where she was responsible for the content, public welfare, and mini-program-related business operations. In March 2019, she joined YOUKU and is currently in charge of multiple business lines, including operations and membership.
CTO & Chief Wizard
Jingyang Xu
Holds a bachelor of Computer Science degree from Cornell University. The youngest product manager of Microsoft at the time. Equipped with over 23 years of experience of CTO and strategic management in leading companies in the Internet and technology industry. In the past decade, successfully facilitated the rapid growth and public listing of three companies through technical achievements, as well as created a unicorn startup (Winit) from scratch. Currently, serving as the CTO of Pathea Games, also as the Executive Producer of Let’s School and company’s next AAA single-player project, and responsible for the technical management of internal projects.
Leaf Song
Founded Gamera Games in 2018, Leaf Song devotes himself to publish China and overseas games. He is experienced in publishing and willing to provide all-round service for developers. Through promotion strategy, he aims to let more users understand the current situation of indie games and introduce great titles and their creators to a bigger audience. Representative titles: Amazing Cultivation Simulator, Dyson Sphere Program, Warriors of the Nile,Paranormal HK,Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game,FIREWORK
Managing Director, Greater China Market
Alan Lan
As the Managing Director of Twitter Greater China, Alan is responsible for the overall business strategy and growth of Twitter’s sales business in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, helping brands and businesses to launch and connect with a global audience on the company’s digital platform. He joined Twitter in 2014 as the first hire for Twitter’s Greater China team. Over the past 8 years, he has built up and led the team to make Greater China a key revenue market for Twitter worldwide. Alan has over 20 years of experience in the auto, technology and gaming industries. He most recently led the Asian business development for Konami Entertainment in Tokyo, established European operations for Gamania Europe in Amsterdam, and headed Japan and Europe divisions for Gamania Headquarters in Taipei. He also worked for Toyota earlier in his career.
Director of the Commercialization Business Department
With over ten years of experience in the Internet industry, focused on growth and monetization in the mobile Internet space, and with a wealth of experience in marketing and operations management, she possesses unique insights into the growth and commercialization of the Internet industry. Since joining Transsion, she has been responsible for the commercialization of all mobile Internet products under the group, contributing to significant growth.
Angel Mo
Graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a master's degree in entrepreneurship and innovation. As one of the first pioneers in China's overseas expansion of gaming, she has 15 years of rich company management experience and a high industry position in the gaming industry. She is not only a member of the writing team for the "2011 China Online Gaming White Paper" and the "China Game Industry Report" in 2013 and 2014. Top 10 Overseas Expansion Enterprises in China in 2016, Top 10 Industrial Service Enterprises in 2016, and Top 10 Emerging Figures in 2016. She started my first business in 2014, mainly focusing on gaming overseas and obtaining nearly 100 million yuan in venture capital. In 2020, She sold my gaming research and development and distribution business to a well-known financial holding company. In 2017, ADFLY Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded, which is a company based on Big data and AI artificial intelligence technology to provide intelligent technology marketing services for game companies, e-commerce, APP customers. Reasonable selection of media, budget allocation, material suggestions, advertising account establishment and optimization, etc., accurately reach customers and ensure the advertising effectiveness of their products. At the same time, ADFLY MIND, a self-developed artificial intelligence creative data analysis platform, continuously tracks and analyzes the data and trends of over 20 game categories and over 3000 top mobile application products worldwide, allowing advertisers to obtain more accurate creative direction and reduce the cost of testing and verifying marketing activities for advertisers. At the same time, it can also assist advertisers in attribution and marketing data analysis in creative advertising. In 2022, AI ADFLY, an automated advertising platform based on the Artificial Intelligence Large Model (LLM), will be launched. Since its establishment, the company has served more than 400 client companies, including Funplus, NetEase Games, Kaiying Network, China Mobile Games, Junhai Games, Heartbeat, YY, Youniu, 4399, Xiaomi, Xiaoma Games, Jiang Xiaobai, Pea Thinking, Storm Simulator, Tuniu.com, and other well-known enterprises. We have accumulated rich project experience, and many of our responsible project products have entered the top of overseas best-selling lists, achieving excellent overseas results.
Vice President
Davie has been in the game industry for 12 years. He once worked for FarEasTone in Taiwan and was responsible for the mobile game publishing business in China’s mainland.Currently serving as the VP position at 6waves, he has successfully published a number of domestic excellent products for 6waves, such as <Kingdom Craft>, <Total Warfare-Epic Kingdoms>, <The Epic Kingdoms of the Sengoku Period>, and <Legacy of Discord>,etc.Most of the projects have achieved great results overseas.
VP of China go-Global business
Cynthia graduated from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University with a MBA Degree and has been dedicated to the digital advertising industry for more than eight years. She has held positions in renowned advertising companies such as Tencent and Criteo, and successfully served more than 100 global well known enterprises. Sincce now, Cynthia heads the China go-Global business line of SHAREit Group, leading the team to focus on helping clients connect globally in a one-stop manner.
Marketing Leads in China
Feng Chenxu
Years of overseas and domestic mobile game user acquisition, channel cooperation, and marketing Years of IP collaboration (Taking Tom, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, etc)
Principal Solution Architect for the Gaming Industry at Amazon Web Services GCR
Zhang Xiaofeng
Zhang Xiaofeng is the Principal Solution Architect for the Gaming Industry at Amazon Web Services GCR, with more than 20 years of experience in technology development, focusing on project development and architecture design for global online games. During his time at Amazon, he has been deeply involved in the gaming industry, providing a full range of cloud-native transformation services and support to mainstream Chinese large and medium-sized gaming companies, driving their rapid development and transformation in the cloud computing era. He is passionate about new technologies and technical details. Especially in the past six months, Mr Zhang has been following the trend of Generative AI, and combined with his more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, he has a deep understanding and unique insights into the application and development of Generative AI in the gaming industry.
China VP, Sales and Partnerships
Abby Ji
Abby Ji is experienced in the Internet Industry, used to work in leading global companies. She has rich case studies with top gaming publishers on how to get success in the global market, grounded in her deep diving into Mobile Ads and Gaming Industry, and well knowledge of overseas market, users and products. Based on the leading technology, creative products, various data and diversified marketing resources of Unity, Abby would like to achieve business growth and success with more Chinese developers in the global market in a full growth loop from A to Z.
Senior Vice President of Growth Business Center
Peter Wei
Peter is responsible for commercial growth of Mobvista's B2B SaaS business. With nearly 10 years of experience in enterprise services, Peter has extensive knowledge in mobile marketing, commercial growth, and operational efficiency improvements. He has empowered approximately 10,000 mobile internet enterprises, spreading across a diverse range of sectors including Apps, Games, Fintech, E-commerce, Education, Real Estate, Travel, Social Media, and Live Streaming, helping leading enterprises, such as Tencent, MiHoYo, and iQiyi, to achieve global business growth.
Managing Director, Media.Monks Greater China
Rogier Bikker
Starting his first agency at age of 16, Rogier Bikker spent his entire career running agencies. Bikker moved to China in 2009 to establish Energize China, a creative digital agency that worked with top Dutch brands, including Heineken, KLM Airlines, and Miffy. In 2014, Bikker embarked on a self-initiated project, Brand New China, which was fully sponsored by Chinese brands, including BYD, Huawei and Lenovo, to drive from Shanghai to Rotterdam by car. In 2015, Bikker founded TOMORROW, a renowned award winning creative agency with an impressive roster of iconic global brands such as Burberry, Budweiser and Starbucks, for which he received numerous awards, including winning Campaign Asia agency of the year for 6 consecutive years and counting! In 2021, TOMORROW successfully merged into Media.Monks, part of Sir Martin Sorrell's S4 Capital, a global powerhouse that combines Chinese creativity with global production capabilities. Bikker was commended as China Agency Head of the Year in 2020 and recognized as one of the 40 under 40 by Campaign Asia in the year of 2022. Bikker's impressive track record and industry expertise have made him an industry leader in the advertising and digital marketing landscape in China.
Qi Chen
Known as a data evangelist, Mr. Chen is an expert in big data analytics of mobile games and the gaming data platform. He used to work at Tencent and Lufax. Driven by inner passion, he cofounded ThinkingData with partners in 2015. Since then, he continued to make breakthroughs in the data analytics area, from technology to products to customer success. Determined to be a data evangelist, he is eager to help the gaming industry have a better understanding of data, and maximize the outcomes by making the most of the data.
Gaming Industry Professional
Winter Guo
Winter has been working in business and management for nearly 20 years in large multinational corporations, covering multiple industries such as gaming, electronics, communication, and Web3. As a core member of the China console game project team, Winter led the team to release multiple high-quality 3A titles from both domestic and oversea market. he has rich experience in business negotiations and distribution, and involves the entire process from business development to launch, as well as the integration of the gaming industry chain. Being able to fully utilize the business resources of overseas publishers, Winter helped domestic games release in international market. He used to be the general manager of Yoozoo Cloud Gaming platform, the publishing general manager of Subor, and the business director of Oriental Pearl Game Group. Winter received his MBA degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a fund certification license of AMAC. He is the moderator and speaker of CGDC and FGF forum, curator of 2017 Gamescom China Pavilion. he is lucky to be a loyal console gamer for more than 20 years and loves game culture deeply. He is also a consultant of game and Metaverse field for many companies.
Jason Hua
Mr. Hua currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of Yalla Group, the leading online social networking and entertainment platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), overseeing the company's strategic planning and investment business. Before joining Yalla Group, Mr. Hua was a director at Composite Capital Management. Prior to that, Mr. Hua worked as an analyst at Xintian Fund Management and Goldman Sachs. Mr. Hua holds a Master of Arts in Economics from New York University in the U.S. and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Peking University in China.
Ryan You
Ryan You is a Partner at Galaxy interactive. Prior to joinGalaxy Interactive, Ryan was Head of US at Aream & Coa leading gaming investment bank, where he built the USfranchise from around up coverina both the United Statesand Asia. He advised on multi-billion dollars of gamingM&A transactions.including Unknown Worlds (KraftonStarlark(Zynga) Davbreak (EG7), Jagex(Carlvle), FlvingWild Hog (Embracer), and helped leading companies likeBehaviour interactive and Ubitus raise strategic capita!from top industry stratedics such as TencentNetEaseSony,and Square Enix. Before Aream, he covered gamingat LionTree where he supported the foundina of GriffinGaming Partnersas well as covering Tech at Bank ofAmerican Merrill Lynch. He earned his MBA fromColumbia Business Schooland studied informationSvstem at Carnegie Mellon University. Rvan is a nativeMandarin speaker.
Founding Partner
Chen Yuetian
Mr. Chen has over 10 years’ experience of early investment in China. He has successively served as investment director of Sinovation Ventures and partner of S Capital. He specializes in investment in media and consumer Internet. Investment cases include: Fanfan Comics & Animation, RRTV, SNH48, MEWE Media, Caviar Media, Well-Link, RCT.ai, Mask Network, STEPN, PhantaBear, Matri1x, Rainbow Planet, etc. In his investment career, Mr. Chen has created many new investment themes that have never been seen before in the China’s VC industry, such as ACG, fandom, online variety shows, etc. There will be more exciting opportunities waiting for Initiate Capital in the future excavate。
Global Business Director
Li Xuan
In the past 20 years, he is dedicated to optimizing a global game production bandwidth solution, overcoming the barriers of the languages, cultures and industrial philosophy. After the successful entrepreneur experience, Xuan decided to join NetEase Interactive. With the NetEase team, he is applying his experience on the development of the new global production bandwidth solution, which is the fundamental of NetEase 2.0.
Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of Hengqin Digital Finance Research Institute
Zhu Jiaming
Famous economist, Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of Hengqin Digital Finance Research Institute Zhu Jiaming was the main initiator and organizer of the Moganshan Conference in 1984. After 2000, he worked as an economist at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and also taught at the University of Vienna. He has been paying attention to the great development of blockchain, digital economy, NFT, and Web3.0 for a long time, and deeply explores the profound correlation between the metaverse and the digital economy, the regional development of the metaverse, and system construction, and promotes metaverse from both academic and technological levels. The landing of the universe in our country.
Vice President of Hangzhou Shunwang Technology Co., Ltd., Secretary General of ChinaJoy Organizing Committee,Chairman of the Board of Howell International Trade Fair Ltd.
Han Zhihai
Mr. Han Zhihai, Director and Vice President of Shunwang Technology, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Expo (ChinaJoy) and Chairman of Shanghai Howell International Trade Fair Ltd., has more than 30 years of experience in building industry platforms and organizing industrial events in the field of digital interactive technology and pan-entertainment. Mr. Han has led his team to keep innovating and developing after founding ChinaJoy, which has now grown up into a world-leading digital entertainment event covering a wide range of fields including gaming, hardware, AI, XR, digital culture and creativity, intelligent vehicles, and trendy products and toys, with hundreds of millions of users being reached.
chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer
Jack Kong
He has approximately 13 years of experience in business and corporate management and has more than 10 years of experience in Blockchain industry. Jack Kong has been appointed as a director of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited. He also served as a co-chairman of the board of Canaan Inc. (Nasdaq: CAN), a leading provider of supercomputing solutions. Jack Kong received a master's degree from Tsinghua University in July 2019.
VP of Growth & Strategy
Garrison Yang
Garrison runs the Growth team at Ava Labs, the team behind the Avalanche network and products like Core, AvaCloud, and Enclave. A retired professional CS and Starcraft player, he has helped build and lead growth and marketing teams across consumer tech and gaming. Garrison works with the disruptive gaming studios behind upcoming games like Shrapnel, Gunzilla, Pulsar, and Providence.
Director of the Law and Fintech Institute
Prof. Binghao Zhao
Professor Binghao Zhao is a globally renowned expert in commercial law,financial technology and digital law.He holds a Doctor of Juridical Sciense(S.J.D.) and a Juris Doctor(J.D.) from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Currently,he serves as the Director of the Law and Fintech Institute at China University of Political Science and Law(CUPL) and associate professor of law at the School of Civil and Commercial Law of CUPL.
former blockchain consultant
Feng Han
Columbia University exchange PhD student & Visiting scholar, former blockchain consultant of Huawei Central Research Institute, Credit WEB3 Builder Elastos Co-founder
Head of Animoca Ventures
James Ho
Since joining Animoca Group in 2018, James directly managed or originated early investments into numerous Web3 companies (including Yield Guild Games, Opensea, Magic Eden, Matic and Immutable X). Many of these companies are today the giants in the Web3 space, and more than a few have achieved unicorn status. With a track record of over 100 deals, James brings unique and battle-tested experience and acumen to Animoca Ventures’ mission of identifying the Web3 giants of the future, and building an ecosystem that boosts the performance of every investee company.
Blockchain Expert
Newhuo Tech Blockchain Expert, Ph.D. candidate of the CASS. Previously worked at a Chinese national think tank and Huobi Ventures, with over 5 years of industry research and primary market investment experience. Started focusing on the blockchain industry in 2017 and has authored columns for several Chinese Web3 media outlets. Possesses extensive experience in project construction and economic model design in the fields of DeFi and NFTfi.
Chief Scientist
Kong Huawei
A Senior Engineer who graduated from Peking University & Zhejiang University with degrees in Physics; used to serve as the Director of the Shanghai Branch of the Institute of Computing Technology, specializing in high-performance computing and distributed computing technologies; used to serve as the Chief Scientist of Zhangjiang Science & Technology Investment Co., Ltd., the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Big Data Industry Alliance and the Entrepreneurial Mentor for Torch Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Solution Architect
Ziyuan Mo
An Amazon Solution Architect with 9 years work experience in the cloud computing industry, having rich practical experience in cloud computing architecture for media, entertainment, and internet & software industries. Since 2020, they have focused on cloud computing solutions for metaverse scenarios and have led the cloud architecture design work for phenomenon-level metaverse social applications. Their applications have topped the App Store rankings in multiple countries.
independent researcher
an independent researcher at INTELACT Research in Hong Kong. 2DAO3 Founder, dedicated to moving Web2 game cattle fun to Web3, focusing on fully on-chain engine, DID, Wallet and other Web3 game industry infrastructure.
Founder and President
Dr. Yu Jianing
Dr. Yu Jianing, a well-known digital economist, authoritative blockchain, metaverse and Web 3.0 expert. He holds many positions, including the Founder and President of Uweb(University of Web3), the Executive Director of China Mobile Communications Association Metaverse Industry Committee, Co-chair of the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Specialized Committee and Hong Kong Blockchain Association Honorary Chairman. He served as the president of Huobi University and the director of the Industrial Economics Research Institute of the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Dr. Yu Jianing has been hailed by China Weekly as "the leader of cultivating blockchain thinking", and has been honored with Global Blockchain Leadership Award, Special Contribution Award for Blockchain Development, Metaverse Chinese Leadership Award, Top Ten Blockchain Figures in China of the Year, etc. His book "The rise of Metaverse" has been translated into seven languages and sold worldwide.
Deputy Director of Guosheng Securities Research Institute
Song Jiaji
Song Jiaji currently serves as the Deputy Director of Guosheng Securities Research Institute, Chief Analyst of the Blockchain Research and Telecom Industry. He has previously worked at Guotai Junan Securities and Everbright Securities, accumulating 13 years of research experience in the TMT industry. From 2015 to 2022, he has consistently received awards such as the New Fortune, Crystal Ball Best Analyst, and the most popular analyst in the insurance asset management industry (IAMAC).
Co-founder & COO
Yuanjie Zhang
In 2018, Yuanjie became a part of Conflux, where he primarily concentrated on fundraising and operational management. Presently, his main dedication lies in constructing a stronger Conflux ecosystem and fostering the growth of Web3 in China. Conflux has an active and growing ecosystem of developers and dApps. Currently, over 200 Web3-related projects have integrated with Conflux. These integrations span multiple domains, from infrastructure to eco-applications which encompass Tools, Wallets, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, GameFi, Community, and more.
President of World XR Forum, Director BD of Sensoryx, Crossover pioneer
Genre-breaking, pioneer of immersive media, producer of cinema and virtual reality, president of the World XR Forum; Salar Shahna is at the intersection of art, technology and business. In Crans-Montana, Salar has annually gathered XR industry leaders from all around the world since 2016. The Alpine resort is home to many pioneering program he’s initiated such as the XR Residency, WXRChat, Virtual Travel Lounge, and XR KITCHEN. Since 2021, he’s been involved with web3 technologies and NFT co- founding āto, for legal-tech solutions and SP3CE, the NFT Gallery. In 2022, he joins Sensoryx to contribute in revolutionising input solutions for the multiverse. Salar is an international public speaker and lectures at the university in France and Switzerland.
CFO&executive Director
Lily Zhang
Graduated from Tsinghua University, responsible for the company's financial management and financing mergers and acquisitions. Zhang Li once served as the vice president and rotating president of Canaan Zhizhi (listed on NASDAQ, the first global blockchain stock).
Head of APAC
Nina Rong
As the head of OffchainLabs Asia Pacific, Nina is the 14th full-time contributor of Arbitrum ecosystem, and has laid a solid foundation for the popularization of Arbitrum technology and ecolosystem development in the Asia Pacific region.
Romeo Wang
Mr. Romeo Wang is partner of UWEB (University of Web3), dedicated to promoting the convergence between Web2.0 and Web3.0. Previously, Mr. Wang also served as SVP of Huobi Tech (now New Huo Tech 1161.HK) and Web 3.0 investment Advisor for a family office. His latest book, Web3.0: The New Future of the Internet, has been featured in the Financial Times. Mr. Wang participated in the founding of Caixin Media and served as the Vice President of the Group, and subsequently became the CEO of Greater China of Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Until he moved to Web 3.0 and blockchain area. Mr. Wang holds a Bachelor's degree in Management from Zhejiang University and an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School. He also studied finance and economy-related courses at PBCSF, the Wudaokou School of Finance, Tsinghua University.
General Manager of I&F dept.
Yichun Du
Yichun Du focuses on providing high-quality digital application services based on the NCTPChain,a digital infrastructure of property management. She provides digital solution on intellectual property development, identity system, credit system and safety governance to different industries such as literature, culture, tourism, film, anime, game, social media and metaverse.
Brand Consultant
Wu Jianzhi
Wu Jianzhi entered the blockchain industry in 2018, served as a partner and CMO at Bixiaobai, and has collaborated with nearly 300 institutions. Wu Jianzhi possesses rich industry resources and extensive experience in post-investment and market operations. She is dedicated to the development of the Web3 field, providing entrepreneurs with effective expansion solutions through in-depth research on industry trends and project characteristics to help them achieve market goals and accumulate resources. Wu Jianzhi joined New Huo Tech in 2023, with the aim of contributing to the industry through a more compliant and financialized approach.